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Post Draw Summer Hugs Bear ♥ - Ends August 16th

Are you good at drawing? Then put your talent to the test! To be in this contest, you have to draw Summer Hugs bear. If you don't know what it looks like, don't worry! This is Summer Hugs bear:

Click the image to open in full size. isn't it cute?

1. Try your best !Your chances of winning depend on how similar your drawing is to the picture I posted. There is only one entry per person.
2. Be a good sport! Whether you win or lose, you shouldn't complain or brag. You should be happy for the winner. Everyone deserves to win.
3. Absolutely NO CHATTING ! If you have any questions, please PM me. Do not post questions on this thread. Only entries allowed on this thread. I will allow legitimate questions on this thread so that there is no duplication and so that I am aware of the answers. Jess
4. Follow all BI rules. Please do not post any personal information.
5. To show that you have read the rules, please write "Berry Cherry Bonanza" in your post.
6. Have FUN!

You can:
- draw using a pencil and paper. You can then take a picture of your drawing and upload then post. You can also scan it then post it.
- draw using your computer. You can use Artpad or Paint, but please do not edit. This is purely a drawing contest.

1rst place - Big Bow, Ruby Pendant, 100 bearbills
2nd place - Domino Mask, Ruby Pendant, 50 bearbills
3rd place - Canteen, 50 bearbills

Okay! That's all! Please follow the rules and do you best!

Good luck to all!

LanaLuv2Shop22 ♥

approved. Jess

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