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Default Trading Den Rules and Requests to Enter Trading Den

For the time being, applications are currently open only to those who have been told they can reapply right now. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A NOTICE IN THE PAST THAT YOU CAN REAPPLY DURING A CERTAIN TIME PERIOD. Also, make sure you are in the time period that was sent to you.

Please keep the following in mind as you consider applying:

- First, before you consider posting an application, read this post THOROUGHLY. If you do not understand something, do not post here, rather ask any staff member.

- Make sure you are contributing to the BABV sections of the forum. Most other posts are considered fluff.

- The last line of the instructions clearly state that if you post your agreement more than once, all of them will be deleted. We will not be lenient in that regard anymore. Do not post your agreement more than once.

- If you are approached by staff in regards to an issue with your application, please speak truthfully. It only makes matters more complicated when you're not completely honest.

Trading on BI

Do you want to trade with other BI members? Great! Please read and follow the instructions below and you will be giving and receiving gifts before you know it!

First, a little info on BI terms and abbreviations:

· Trading Den = TD – Where Trading Teddys exchange items.

How to Become a Trading Teddy:

1. Please DO NOT offer exchanges outside of the TD. Exchanging items in the open forum is not allowed. DO NOT make posts about what you have, want, or will trade. It’s a big No-No and may result in a longer wait for you to be allowed into the TD.

2. Trading privileges will only be given to members who contribute to the BI forum as a whole. As such, we require that all members post a minimum of 100 posts before applying to be a Trading Teddy. The management reviews EVERY post by EVERY applicant before accepting them as a Trading Teddy. Posts that are considered "fluff" will not count toward your 100 posts. If your posts do not count and/or your application is denied, DO NOT vm the staff to ask why and complain. Instead, continue to make good, strong, informative posts, then reapply.

~Also, each member is allowed as per BI rules, to have only ONE ACCOUNT, this does not mean you can have an account and let a family member use it~

3. Post your agreement on this thread once you have 100 good posts, a member for at least 1 month and feel you are familiar with our community. Your posts will then be reviewed and a decision made.

4. Once your application has been approved, please re-read the Fair Trading Policy below and make sure you understand it.

Please be patient and realize that the better trained each Trading Teddy becomes, the safer and more fun the TD becomes for all to enjoy.

Fair Trading Policy

Please make sure that you are completely familiar and comfortable with this policy. It has been set in place to PROTECT everyone. Breaking ANY of the rules can result in having your Trading Den privileges suspended or revoked, or being banned from the site all together.

1. First and foremost - NO SCAMMING!

2. Please DO NOT offer exchanges outside of the TD. Exchanging items in the open forum is not allowed. DO NOT make posts about what you have, want, have traded, or will trade. It’s a big No-No and may result in a loss of your trading privileges.

3. Each member is allowed as per BI rules, to have only ONE ACCOUNT. This does not mean you can have an account and let a family member use it.

4. Trading must take place on the trade thread where it was initiated. You may NOT edit your posts in the TD, except the first post of your Trading Post.

5. No trading via VM . The ONLY thing you may say in a VM is that you have posted on your/their TP. Trading via VM will result in the immediate loss of your trading privileges.

6. You MUST quote the post you are responding to. This minimizes confusion about which member you are talking to.

7. Feedback must be left by both traders for every trade. The details portion of the feedback form MUST contain the actual trade details - my <this> for your <that>.

8. You may ONLY HAVE ONE Trading Thread. You must post in the correct alphabet section, using the 1st letter in your BI username. Posting in the wrong section will cause your thread to be deleted. If you post more than one thread, the second thread will be deleted.

Thread titles should be: Your BI name's TP, Updated <time/date>, and a brief description of what you have/want.

If your thread is closed, please VM an Admin or Mod to re-open it. Do NOT start a new thread.

The staff will not delete your trade thread simply because you want to "start over". You can change your first post by clicking "modify" and change your lists. Check the FAQ at the top of the forum for pictorial instructions on changing your thread title.

9. You are responsible for your Trading Thread. Please keep your first post updated by using the "modify" button to update what you still have, don't have, or have added to your lists! Please, only list things that you are willing to trade, as no matter how many times you say you won't trade an item, people will try because it's in your thread! AND - Do not list items that you don't have.

If you are trading for it, or buying the bear it comes with, but do not yet have it - DO NOT LIST IT!

If you cannot manage your own thread, take some items off. You are responsible for your Trading Thread.
Not anyone else.
Please do not use trade threads for long chatting, that is not what they are intended for.

10. Do not beg, plead, whine, snivel, etc. for someone to give you something or trade with you. Nobody likes a whiner. Also, do not hound, badger, or try to intimidate other members into trading with you.

Do not trade or advertise your trade thread in either of the discussions area's.
Do not set up a thread asking if anyone has a particular item in the discussion area's.

11. Don't offer trades in someone else's Trading Thread. Each member will have their own trade thread. Do not post in their thread that you have the same item/s and will offer a better trade. That's just bad mojo. Do not offer an item in someone's thread that you have offers for on your thread.

12. Only virtual items inside Bearville are allowed to be given. We do NOT allow giving of actual Bears themselves.

13. BI is NOT an Auction House! All offers must be entertained on a first come, first-served basis (in the order they are received).

Offer should be made by expressing interest in an item or items only. Once the thread host gives you permission to offer, you may list which of your items you would like to exchange for their item.

If you offer for an item on which there is a line, your post will be deleted, you will lose your place in line, and disciplinary action may be taken.

14. If someone makes an offer on your thread and then logs off, you must allow them 12 hours to log back on and accept the transaction. You may wait longer, but not less.

15. Trades may be refused by either party. You both must agree to a fair trade and both be satisfied. If one party doesn't want to participate in the exchange for whatever reason, it's their choice!

16. The user with the lower feedback is REQUIRED to send first. If they refuse, contact the management. Always check the feedback of your potential exchange partner!!

17. You cannot use your trade list as your forum signature. You may only post a link to your TP.

18. No membear is allowed to "ban" another member from a tread thread. If there is an issue/problem, please flag the post and a staff member will help you, or, vm a staff member and again, someone will help rectify the matter.

19. NO giveaways of any kind. No gifting of any kind.

20. There is absolutely no trading of codes on BI ever.

Fair Trades

What is a fair trade?
This is a question everyone asks and something we're going to try and answer.

The following can also help you determine whether or not you are making a fair trade:

1. A fair trade is when two people exchange items of equal or similar value.
"I will trade you my eyepatch for your pink tiara." - This is a fair trade since they are both Furry Friend Exclusive Items (FEI) that are all regarded as equal right now.
"I will trade you 900 bear bills for those three tables you bought in the Bear Stuff Store that cost you 300 bear bills each."

2. A fair trade is when someone offers a higher value item and asks for a lower valued item that they really, really want.
"I really want your new purple/amethyst tiara and I know it's new so I will trade you my eyepatch and a blue bow tie for it."

3. A fair trade is when someone offers a high valued item for an ordinarily lower valued item whose value has increased due its popularity, or scarcity.

4. Examples of unfair trade offers:
"I will only trade my tiara for two other FEIs because everyone wants a tiara." - Not Fair to ask for two for one, it is only ok to offer like in the above examples.
"I want an FEI for the beach towel" - not fair since the towels are plentiful, experienced traders know that and they were free with a purchase and you can get 5 of them with 5 different accounts.

Only offer fair trades. We don't want members taking advantage of those who may not know the value of their items. If you see an unfair trade in someone's Trade Thread, grab a mod quick so we can help. Unfair trading practices will NOT be tolerated. This forum is a community for people to come and enjoy - not to get ripped off by shady members.

Finally, if you see something not following the rules or going the wrong way, click the red circle with a ! in it in the upper right corner of the post that is breaking the rules. It's the best and quickest way to get one of the staffs attention and set things straight!

We take the TD very seriously. Breaking ANY of the rules can result in having your Trading Den privileges suspended or revoked, or being banned from the site all together.

If you post more then ONE agreement, all agreements will be deleted.