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View Post Originally Posted by mipie9
Seriously, I have seen this happen waaaaaayyyyy too many times.
1.) The game opens has lots of fan and players and basic features to the game.
2.) They add more things like special items, codes, etc. which brings more players.
3.) They usually add merchandise. (But not always)
4.) They add quite a few developments over the years. They get more players everytime a big new development comes out.
5.) Players grow up over the years, don't play as much, not getting enough new players, having problems, not any new big updates for years.
6.) They try to add small new "cool" updates but it doesn't really work.
7.) There starts to be rumors of it closing.
8.) Message on homepage: This website is closing next month! All memberships have been canceled blah blah blah blah...
9.) BAM!!!! We are sorry, but (some website) has closed. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. (Yes it causes inconvenience!!) You can call us at this number here or email us at this address here. We hope you enjoyed our website for the time it was open!
10.) Players react very angrily...
I really could name quite a few games that have closed down, and some of them I never even played! O_o
I don't know what i'll do if they close, I've been on this website since 2008. Bearville is somewhat apart of my life.