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Smile Anyone still here?

Hey guys! I last visited this place in 2015 and now here I am again (and after my last post being that I didn't want this account anymore, oof, glad I didn't go ahead and delete it!)

I've been browsing the forums a bit and seeing what's going on; I've lately gotten back into my childhood games like Web/kinz, Neo/pets (I'm not sure if I'll get in trouble, like, posting their full names? I'm not sure what rules of this site still apply anymore) and I remembered BABV again and my heart is breaking at seeing the nothingness BAB has become. From some of your guy's posts, it seems like BAB in general is hitting an all time low. BAB was a decent chunk of my life back in my younger years, so seeing all of this is just... It's hard to explain, but I'm definitely not peppy about it, that's for sure.

Not only BAB, but I miss the activity of Bearville Insider too. Has anything really happened here since 2013? Or is that too off topic here? Sorry, like I said, I'm not sure what rules apply here anymore since this place is honestly a ghost town.

Anyway, I know that the topic of BAB, BABV, etc has been run into the dirt at this point, but I can't help but still bring it up still. </3 I joined this site and I believe BABV in 2009...Seeing this with my own eyes and realizing it's been ten years is to me. I wish I had screenshots of my characters/BABV, but of course I never backed up or saved anything so now they're gone *sigh* Thankfully I was able to find two pictures of my animals on here, but nothing with my characters. Ah well, at least I have the memories.

But I won't make this thread super long, just wanted to share. I hope you all are doing fantastic! Please take care!
-The Four Friends*