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The scores are now updated. For the suspense I will only release it next week (Count at your own discretion though XD) :3

I also almost forgot about the posts thing and so I will now use the method Honey used for last year XD. This time, 1 post = 2 points. I'm not going to make a graphic for this anymore because I'm so tired already XD.

P.S. Since I think I might run out of ideas I've decided that each to-do list will be added every 2 days while keeping the previous to-do lists (For a reduced amount of points: Say, the points will be reduced by half each cycle until there's no more significance in terms of points. (It will be rounded off; So, if it starts of as 50 points, it will be reduced to 25 then to 13 then to 7 then to 4 then to 2). I might do a extravaganza in the final week though.

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