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Hi there! Welcome to BI! If you need any help ask in Yikes I need help! or look for a Guide. If you want to join a club all you have to do is click JOIN the club and fill out the fourm they give you by making a post and answering all the questions and then the owner of the club will see it and then tell you your a member. Make sure you always read the FORUM rules before making a threads and/or post. Never write in blue or red because those are for mods and admins only. When ever you post a thread make sure it is in the right section, if the section is under construction make the thread some where else and ask a mod or admin to move it. You can also post in Beary Musical and look at people's wonderful songs and do a song too! You can wish a Happy birthday in The Birthday place.You can also play games made by other BI member in the Are you a Game? You can do a lot of more things in BI!And if you wanna add friends all you have to do is make 10 post on the forum and it might take a while to become a polar bear. Enjoy!