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Default Hello everyone I am princessbunny

You all know me as briadiva3 in BABV and princessbunny from Freya's blog which I am very faithfull to he he and yes I am a "MOM" too
It all started with my 3 boys they always wanted me to play at night while they are sleeping so I can get bearbills for them to spend, and then we argued about what they wanted to buy or how the condo should look so you see I had to get my own account my own condo my own avatar so at the end we were all happy I still get "mom I don't like your hair change it back" and I say "but I like it" LOL LOL Oh and yes I got the account to watch over them too really I do since they are young and all
Look for me in bear bld or cubby and add me!
I am very happy and proud to be part of this community