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Angry Scammers

Today a new member on babv got scammed by another member of babv. I had just looked in the new members inventory and they had a new holly moose bow. Then another user asked them if they wanted to trade. I waited until they finished the trade because I wanted to see what she traded the bow for.. when I looked in there inventory all they had was 50 more BB then they had before...thats not fair at all is it! The scammer then left and I didn't have time to report them! I told the new member who got scammed that it wasnt a fair trade, or something like that and they did a sad face..It was really sad!! I felt so bad for the new member! I gave them my holly bow. Is there anything that we can do to stop scammers??
I sent this message to Maxine because its an issue that needs to be fixed! Dont you agree??