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1. To post a new subject go to a section that you want to post the subject in and click on the 'new topic' button on the upper left corner.

2. To edit anything just click on edit in your post. To create a smiley either type a smiley that you already know or when you are writing your post go to advanced mode ad click the smileys button and there should appear a bar of smileys to choose from.

3. Yayy!! You have an iMac??? Me too! But i also have a G5 laptop that I use more. Okay, so to take a picture click on command, shift, and 4 at the same time. To not change to a bookmarked page when you are doing this ( it used to happen to me all the time!) you have to click on your desktop before you click command etc. After that you drag the cursor to make a square around thw pic you want to take! Ta da!

4. User Control Panel...
Hope this helped!