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Thumbs up List of Retired 2008 Build-A-Bears With PSIs

Here is a list of 2008 bears in order and their PSIs :

January 2008
1. Bearemy- Beremy Hat
2. French Bear- Retired Before Bearville
3. Gem of a Friend: Precious Pink Teddy- Gem of a Friend: Small Pink Tiara
4. Groundhog (II)- Groundhog Shirt for Furry Friend
5. Irish Bear- Retired Before Bearville
6. T-Rex Gold- Gold Cowboy Shoes
7. T-Rex Green- Dinosaur Museum Skeleton

February 2008
8. Giant Hearts Fur You Puppy- Bear Head Necklace
9. Happy Chick- Fuzzy Rug
10. Lucky Fur You Teddy- Green Chair With Shamrocks On It
11. Pawsome Pink Bunny- Pawsome Pink Bunny Ears
12. Year of the Mouse- Year of the Mouse Ears

March 2008
13. 2008 Nationals Ballpark Bear- #1 Fan Finger Glove
14. Adorable Elephant- Safari Outfit for Furry Friend
15. Cardinals Bear- Yellow #1 Fan Finger Glove
16. Dug Out Dog- Yellow #1 Fan Finger Glove
17. Giants Bear- Yellow #1 Fan Finger Glove
18. Kuddly Koala- Bambo Plant
19. Loveable Lobster- Anchor
20. Moose II- Moose Antlers
21. Nationals Bear Yellow #1 Fan Finger Glove
22. Ostrich- Hat with a Big Feather On It
23. Phillies Bear- Yellow #1 Fan Finger Glove
24. Pink Hearts Teddy- Pink Hearts Couch with Table
25. Screech- Blue #1 Fan Finger Glove
26. Snake- Retired Before Bearville

April 2008
27. Black Lab- [IDog Bed with Paw Prints On It[/I]

May 2008
28. Diplodocus- Green Dipodocus Emoticon
29. European Rabbit- European Rabbit Ears
30. Red Kangaroo- Trampoline
31. Ted the Tailor- red Striped Shirt

June 2008
32. Bactrian Camel- Ancient Egyptian Hat
33. Canada Spirt Teddy- Canadian Flag
34. Grizzly Bear- Fisherman's Hat
35. Tropical Hello Kitty- Blue Hello Kitty Tiny Tee
36. USA Spirit Teddy/Puerto Rico Spirit Teddy- American Flag

July 2008
37. Champ- A Champion Fur Kids- Pants with Patches On It
38. Coyote- Wolf Howling at the Moon Rug
39. Cuddly Hugs Teddy Blue- Polka Dotted Blue Bow Tie
40. Cuddly Hugs Teddy Pink- Polka Dotted Pink Hair Bow
41. Gem of a Friend: Adoring Amethyst Teddy- Gem of a Friend: Grand Tiara
42. Red Sox Bear- #1 Fan Finger Glove
43. Spinosaurus- Cavemen Writing On A Big Sheet
44. Toffee Teddy- Trophy Filled with Toffee Pieces
45. Vache Noir (Black Cow)- Retired Before Bearville
46. Yankees Bear- #1 Fan Finger Glove

August 2008
47. Brown Sugar Puppy- Brown Sugar Puppy Emoticon
48. High School Musical Bear- Megaphone Shirt
49. Orca- Orca Hat
50. WWF Zebra- Zebra Crossing Sign

September 2008
51. Buffalo- Buffalo Hat
52. Hannah Montana Bear- Giant Purple Stage
53. Hopeful Wishes Teddy- Pink Hope Ribbon
54. Jaguar- Bear Head Ancient Circle
55. Longhorn- 10 Galloon Hat
56. North American River Otter- River/Pond
57. Pumpkin Fun Kitty- Pumpkin Fun Kitty Outfit
58. Team Spirit Monkey (Orange)- Retired Before Bearville
59. Team Spirit Monkey (Red)- Retired Before Bearville

October 2008
60. Coqui Frog- Puerto Rico Flag Shirt
61. Gem of a Friend: Bearilliant Blue Teddy- Gem of a Friend: Blue Tiara
62. Pudsey Bear- White Colorful Polka Dotted Bandana
63. Turkey- Giant Inflatable Turkey Balloon

November 2008
64. Chilly Cheeks Penguin- Tuxedo Outfit
65. Hal Moose- Hal Moose Antlers
66. Holly Moose- Holly Moose Box and Collar
67. Lil' Bunny Big Ears- Lil' Bunny Big Ears
68. Polar Bear III- Iceberg

December 2008
69. Hello Kitty- Pink Hello Kitty Top Hat
70. Hugs Fur You Monkey-Hugs Fur You Monkey Outfit
71. Lil' Chocolate Cub- Ice Cream Outfit with a Cookie Hat
72. Lil' Sweet Cream Cub- Ice Cream Outfit with a Cherry Hat
73. Red Kangaroo- Trampoline
74. Snazzy Kitty- Snazzy Kitty Ears

I hope you enjoyed this guide! If I missed anything or put the incorrect PSI, please let me know, thanks!

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