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Default Listen Up! - Updated Rules 2/13

Clearly the OLD coffee house crackdown thread has been ignored lately as we are back to the rule breaking ways. From now on there will be more bannings to show just how serious we are about these rules.

1) Fighting. This is not allowed under ANY circumstance. This means fighting about opinions, celebrities, beliefs, likes/dislikes, etc. No one is the same person, people are allowed to like different things. If you don't like what someone is saying, WALK AWAY! Click out of the thread. Not everything is meant to upset you personally so don't take everything as a personal attack. On that note, under no circumstance does an individual have a right to put others down, to torment others, or to bully others. Is this understood?

2) Leaving threads. This counts for I'm on vacation and I'm busy threads. If you're not going to be on BI for a bit then post it in your VMs. Don't make a thread about it.

3) Violence. Once again, not allowed under any circumstance. This includes "slap fights" in the DCTs. They are not appropriate.

4) Personal Information. Saying things like "oh I'm going to such and such concert on such and such date" gives away more information than you might think. Same as saying things like "I was such and such age when such and such event happened." Posting those little pieces of personal information randomly can add up if you pay attention to everything you post as a whole. This is for YOUR SAFETY.

5) Posting the DCT early. There is no need to EVER post the DCT early. It does not need to be posted right at 9 pm EST. That is why there is a posting window. Can't post it the night before? That's fine. Post it before school or after school. No big deal, people will understand.

6) Censors. Censors are on this site for a reason. Trying to get around them is breaking the rules. Do not do this. Getting around the censor is not appropriate for any reason what-so-ever. This includes putting spaces in words and extra letters in words. It doesn't make you any cooler to use inappropriate things on this site, so don't do it.

7) Spamming VMs. Visitor Messages are not for spamming. This includes the "send this to all your friends" type of messages. Do not spam others.

8) Inappropriate Discussions. Relationship / crush discussions are in the rules as not being allowed. Do not bring them to the forum. Medical issues are not allowed. If you have a medical issue, talk to a parent or a doctor, NOT BI. Drinking, smoking, etc.... all not allowed.

9) Websites that have personal information on them. All not allowed. No exceptions. Also the chatbots you guys have been posting about discuss inappropriate information and should not be advertised on BI. This also includes chat websites.

10) Post Counts. Counting your posts / saying "I dedicate my #### post" are not allowed. Do not post these types of threads. Your total number of posts doesn't make you popular. Being a friend and posting helpful things on the other hand does.

11) Spammning. "asdfawgasgfsfg" Does not contribute to the conversation. Don't post it. Use your words, say something useful.

12) Watermarks. Not allowed under any circumstance. Find a new image. End of discussion.

13) Quotes. Do not quote someone breaking the rules. It makes you just as guilty because you are then posting the same material.

14) DCT consequences. After 6 rule violations of any kind the DCT will be shut down with a message as to why it was shut down and what rules were broken.

15) Making multiple threads about the same topic. Don't clutter the coffee house, keep one topic to one thread.

16) Saying your the wife of a celebrity. This has never been allowed on BI and lately it's all over the place. It still falls under relationship discussion and is not allowed. As I stated earlier, for most of these celebrities, it would be illegal and you don't want to put your beloved celebrity in jail do you?

Consider this your warning for everyone.

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