Thread: Question No Fluttershy on Bearville?
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View Post Originally Posted by MeghanMusicLuvr28
Looks like we won't be getting Fluttershy online after all.

First they said this (Nov. 30th):
Click the image to open in full size.

But now they're saying this (Dec. 8th)?:
Click the image to open in full size.

I understand that there are copyrights and licenses involved, but why would they be able to have 3 ponies in Bearville, but not Fluttershy? I would think they're all owned by the same company and people, therefore BABW would have the same rights for each of them? I could be wrong though, I'm not an expert with copyrighting and things like that.

It just doesn't add up.
I dont get it

Fluttershy is copyrighted by Hasbro who own Twi/Dashie but those two can be activated ( saw a twilight getting activated last night) but flutters cant?