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Hey, I am Megan2Hip225!! I hope that we can be friends, and that you will enjoy BI! Make sure that you check out the forum rules!!

Thanks for the welcome

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Welcome to!
I'm Starr, and I know that you'll have so much fun here at BI!
From the wonderful members, to the awesome news, to the cool topics you'll never grow bored from this site, and you'll soon be obsessed!
Everyone here is so nice, you can pretty much pick up a conversation with anyone, the people here are so easy to become friends with. Pretty much anyone is willing to help out with a question that you have!
If you ever need to ask anything don't be shy, just go ahead and ask it in the Yikes I Need Help Section! or ask it personally to any member by going to their Profile and giving them a visitor message, which many people call VMs.

Before you get started on BearvilleInsider you might wanna know that you can check out the rules whenever you need to, and the FAQ located right by the Forum Rules (in green) is very helpful.

And now, for a little bit about each part of BI:

In the Forum Rules section of the forum you can read the rules, learn about how to become a Trading Teddy, you can see a list of BI staff, you can see what a Sage Bear is, you can see the rules for posting on people's profiles, and much much more. If you ever are wondering if something is allowed on here or not make sure to check out this section.

In the Suggestions section of the forum you can post any suggestions that you have for BI there, the other members of the forum will post any feedback on your ideas, and sometimes the mods and admins will even check them out!

In the Front Page News section of the forum is where you can see all the news announcements on Build-a-bearville and important announcements about BI, you can also check the front page for updates on Build-a-bear and BI.

The Cybearguide's section is where you can ask real build-a-bear Cybearguide's your questions about build-a-bearvile and buildabear, you can post suggestions for them, post your bug reports for them, and glitches you find, and you can also read the promos and updates that they have posted for you.

Come on over to the General Discussion section and read posts made by members about what's going on in buildabearville, any news that they've found out, and pretty much talk about anything that goes on in Build-a-bearville.

The BearvilleInsider contests part of the BI forum is where all contests go on, member's put on contests when allowed to, and BI staff hold awesome contests, feel free to check out that section and see the latest BI contests, you could be a winner!

The Yikes! I Need Help section is where all questions concering this site, and build-a-bearville should go, many of the helpful people of BI will answer your questions, and hopefully by the end of the day you should have a question that should satsify you. In the guide's section, which is part of the Yikes! I Need Help section you can post guides on information that people might find helpful. Check out that section for some great guides on things you might not know.

In the Special Guests section of BI check out the great Search for Special Guests thread and check out where all the build-a-bear special guests such as Maxine, ChloeRocks, and the Cybearguides are in BABV.

Check out the Codes area of the forum for some free codes that work for everyone! Make sure to only post a code if it's universal because other wise you could get in some trouble. Never ask people for codes, that's not allowed either.

Right bellow the Codes section is the Whoopsies! section, where everyone posts funny glitches that they find in BABV, post your own glitch that you've found, or laugh at someone elses.

In the Games, Badges, and Bearbills section you can read people's tips on games, find out quick ways to earn Bearbills, and share your tips.

In the Furry Friends and Virtual Gifts section you can talk about anything that has to do with Furry Friends, and well, virtual gifts. Check out the thread with all the bears and their pet items, it's very helpful!

Check out the Team Play and Role Play sections to take yourself to a magical world where you can pretend to be a cat, a wolf, a dog, or a magical creature, or someone else you wish you could be.

In the Pawty Time you can sign up to have a party, it's tons of fun! Then check out the Beary Fashionable section and talk all about the latest styles and trends in Build-a-bearville, share your great outfit designs, and see what other people say!

In the Beary Musical place you'll find lots of people posting their music that they've made, then in the Beary Creative section you can see lots of people's creative writing, avatar and signature shops, drawings and comics, jokes, recipes, and much more. This is a section you could spend all day in!

In the Polls section you can start a poll, and have people vote on it, or you can read someone else's poll and share YOUR opinon! Right above the poll section is the Cub Condos section where you can show your stylish Cub Condo, open up a hotel or look at other people's designs.

Check out the Coffee Shop and hang out on the DCT otherwise known as the Daily Chat Thread, where you can make lots of friends easily, and the people are very welcoming! Post in the many threads too, anything goes there!

In the Virtual Gaming area you can talk about any other virtual gaming site online and how wonderful it is, see if anyone else shares your interest! In the Birthday Place you can wish other people happy birthdays, and on your birthday everyone will do the same for you!

Join a club in the Join a Club section, there are so many clubs to choose from! From the Twilight club, to the Justin Bieber club, it's a great place to be, you can find lots of people that share the same interests!

Head on over to the Are You Game? section and try out some of the funnest games made by members here, and make your own!

Before you go off to the rest of the forum and stuff you might wanna know some basic information about BI. I promise, it won't take that long!

1. VM, and PM stand for Visitor Message, and Private Message.
2. Polar Bears, Knuts, Trading Teddies, and Sage Bears are all different statuses here at BI, Polar Bears have 10 posts or more, Knuts have less than 10 posts, trading teddies are people who have applied to the trading den, and sage bears are very experienced trading teddies.
3. No talking in red or blue, as these colors are reserved just for mods and admins.
4. To decorate your profile you can go to your profile by clicking your username, then making an album just for your profile, uploading background pictures, and going to your User CP, clicking Customize Profile and putting in backgrounds and special text and stuff.
5. You may be wondering what those green boxes some people have, those are rep points. Members get rep points for being extra helpful, you can give someone a rep point by clicking on the heart symbol with the plus, right by the exclamation mark point symbol and leaving them a comment on their post. Once you get 5 rep point boxes, you get darker rep point boxes, after that you get gold, and after you get that you get stars, and after you finish your star, you start all over with a star, and more rep points.
6. DCT stands for Daily Chat thread, and that is where a lot of people like to chat, it's tons of fun, the people are very funny.

I know what you're thinking now, "Wow!!!! There's so much stuff to do here!" OK, OK, or maybe you're thinking, "Wow, what a long post," LOL xD Yeah, I know, so, go ahead and stop reading my post and go have some fun here at BearvilleInsider!!
Holy cow.. Im hoping you copied and pasted that LOL!
Thanks for all the info, I read threw half of it already,