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Hi and welcome to Bearville Insider. I am AJCool and it is a pleasure welcoming you to the boards. I hope you make new friends and enjoy it here at the forums!

Bearville Insider is a perfect place to look for cool new information on Buildabearville, a guide to uploading photos, how to makes poles, and even how to create one of the best signatures. I hope you have loads of fun by helping others and making yourself comfortable here!

Some good places to start out with are The Forum Rules and the Yikes! I Need Help Sections. Your safety is of the utmost concern for the Bearville Insider Staff so they highly encourage all members to take a look at The Forum Rules so that way we can have fun and be safe at the same time. Some quick things to be aware of:

  1. VM stands for Visitor Messages and is a privilege that allows you to speak with other members. However, they are strict rules regarding the Visitor Messages and I advise you check them out at The Form Rules Section. Please be age appropriate when talking to other members.
  2. You are a Knut when you have not reached 10 posts. Once you have reach 10 posts you will automatically be positioned as a Polar Bear.
  3. Also you do not have the option of writing in either red or blue ink because those are reserved for the Administrators and Moderators.
  4. Do not give out any personal information at any circumstances. Your personal life and private information should be kept a secret. Your name, age, school, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other private information that can be violated should be kept to yourself and given to no one on this forum
  5. Respect all ages. You have to understand that on this site you have kids younger and older then you therefore you must be appropriate of what you say and do on this forum.
  6. Check out the FAQ for unanswered questions.
  7. Reputation Points are determined from how well you give an answer to a member. They are also the green boxes that appear under the number of posts you have. You can see your recent Reputation Points by click “User CP” at the top and scrolling down that page. You can add to someone else’s Reputation by click the heart with the plus sign. However, if you think someone was breaking the rules and being inappropriate you can click the circle with the exclamation point.
  8. You can add an Avatar, Signature, and Profile Picture by going to “User CP.” Remember to save the file as a JPG, PNG, or GIF. PNG for clear pictures and GIF for animated pictures. You can also upload your Avatar, Signature, or Profile Picture at any reliable Photoshop such as Photobucket, Blingee, TinyPic, or ImageShack.

Bearville Insider members always are asking question and we have wonderful friend who love to give them an answer so check out the Yikes! I Need Help Section. You are given an answer for both Bearville Insider and Build-a-Bearville related questions which should be asked in the correct section according to the subsections called BI-Related Issues and BABV-Related Issues. We also have a subsection labeled Guides and How To’s which is where many members have uploaded guides to help you understand something better like for example the guides on how to make a picture for your avatar. Do not hesitate in asking because we certainly would like to give you a helping paw. Hopefully after you have your questions answered you are satisfied with the information the members were so kind to provide.

Sometimes the Bearville Insider Members just don’t know how to answer specific questions and that is why we have our fellow CybearGuides. They are very helpful with their answers and appreciative of the questions you ask. If you want an elaborated answer then they are the ones to go to. The Cyberguides Section a great addition and a thanks to all the Cybearguides who were so nice to take their time to help us out on the forums.

The General Discussion Section
and the Front Page News Category are wonderful places to look for informative conversations about upcoming events and new updates regarding Build-a-Bearville.

The BearvilleInsider Contest Section is there for you to hold contests and participate in the one’s others have organized. Once in awhile you can find the Bearville Staff organizing some real enjoyable contest with really generous rewards. Be sure to check out the rules before going any further.

Build-a-Bearville has so many updates and wonderful things going on that you just can’t keep up sometimes. This is why Bearville Insider has an ultimate guide that includes all sorts of information like a directory of Fountain Prizes, Encyclopedias of Emoticons and Special Moves, and even just threads of some important details. All of this wonderful information is located in the Beginners Guide to Build-a-Bearville
Build-a-Bearville is full of celebrities that are so hard to find sometimes therefore Bearville Insider has made a section for just that. The Looking for Special Guests Section is you vital source for finding all the celebrities at the right time and right moment.

The world isn’t perfect not even the virtual world of Build-a-Bearville. You can find many glitches that line the world of Build-a-Bearville. Some of those glitches just so happen to be funny and sharable that is why the Whoopsies! Section is the place to post these things.

You can find just about any code in the section labeled Codes. Build-a-Bearville is constantly updating with giveaways and unique web codes which you can redeem at the Workshop in the Town Square. Every month you can exchange a code that will be posted in that section from the Huggable Hero’s Calendar and receive your prize.

The Trading Den Section is one of the most popular sections in Bearville Insiders. In order to have access to this section you must have 50 eligible posts, a membership of 2 weeks, and must be familiar with the Bearville Insider community. Once you think you are ready to become a Trading Teddy you must apply to be one in The Rules Section. Your post will then be reviewed and the Bearville Insider Staff Members will then have the opportunity to either qualify you or disqualify you. You can become a Sage Bear once you have been a Trading Teddy for 1 month and have 30 or more feedbacks/trades from other members. You must have experience trading the knowledge of what is considered fair and the value of each item. You must also apply for this and you have the choice of being either qualified or disqualified.

The Virtual Sand Box Category is where you have the opportunity to put your skills to the test. You can post you own stories and create a shop in which you are allowed to post unique avatars and signatures for other members. You have the chance to post pictures of your Build-a-Bearville Condo in the Cub Condo Category. Beary Musical and Beary Fashionable are two of the perfect sections to express you style of music and fashion. Put up polls and check out other people’s opinions. This is the section to host parties. Each of these options are broken down into certain parts like the Writing Section, Avatar and Signature Shop Section, Drawings and Comics, and as well as Jokesand Kitchen Fun.

You can find a section where there are threads posted on the different PSI that belongs to each Furry Friend’s in the Furry Friends part of the Section. You can even earn tips on how to increase your knowledge on games and skills on earning a higher level on your Build-a-Bearville Badges. There are even tips about how to finish quests and challenges on Build-a-Bearville by going to the Quests and Challenges Subheading.

Last but not least the Puffles and Penguins and Bears, Oh My!! Category. Chill back and relax at the Daily Chat Thread. You can talk about just about anything, but remember that safety is first so do not post any personal information. Everyone likes to be wished Happy Birthday, that is why Bearville Insider was so kind enough to post a thread for even that. Find a club that you fit well in and go join it or make your own club and have people join that. Bearville Insider isn’t just all about Build-a-Bearville, it also accepts other virtual games like Webkinz and Club Penguin, so check out the section for that.

Our final section of the forum is the Are you Game? Section. This part of the Forum is stuffed with fun and challenging games. You can participate in activities that other members have posted or make up your own and have other’s join it.

Go explore the wonders of Bearville Insider by going to each Section and seeing what it has available for you. I hope to see you around. I am always there if you have any further questions or need a lending paw, just send me a visitor message and I'll be more than happy to leave a reply! I am pretty sure there are many other members who would love to help you as well. By the way, a quick tip here, the bolded words are the Sections and the underline words are the subsections describing what is available in that particular section.