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Default 15 ways to earn 5,000 bear bills.

Hello. This is my thread on how you can earn about 2,000 Bear bills.

here are the things you can do daily to earn LOTS of bearills :

1. If you get a boring prize daily from the fountain just throw the coins at the water. and you'll get 20 Bear bills.

2. Go to the Pawsome panda at sportsplex . (Inside.) And click on him, you'll be given a list tick mark all the boxes. that's how you get 100 bear bills.

3. Now.. go to pawforming arts centre (Inside.) and click on the balcony which we can see full its on e left side with a preety red ribbion on it. and you'll be taken to the backstage. Next.. Just click on the box with the toys inside it. And they will tell you to find a item once you see the item click on it. Or just click on the d x utton and try again. you get 200 bear bills.

5. If you have the carnival bell game. the one which you press the letter buttons fast on the keyboard. If you have it from last years (2009) carnival. play that game and get 60 bear bills.

6. Go to the lighthouse (at sunshines shores. click on the first palm tree below thing.) And Play "gone fishing". Why? Cuz the fishes and other Not rare at all items at paw park e really cheap. the items at lighthouse ain't cheap! Fish until your bags really full. And sell all the fishes. Play the game again. or not.

7. Go the pawsitivily green center ouside. and Click on the big recyclying logo (the green thing circle with with green three arrows going in a circle thing. on top of the recyclyng center.) Click on it and go on a quest . The places it might be or will be are : Sportsplex, bear university, pawforming arts centre outside, furbulous fashion district, Cave, path, farm, entrance, meadow and that's all.

8. Play the Safari photo picture game. (at the meadow. a.. just click on the camara.) And ONLY take snaps (Snaps means pictures.) Of the following animals :
1. Fairy (Take as ny pics./snaps as you can before she goes.)
2. Red parrot. (Take about 3 snaps/pictures of this animal.)
3.Rabbit. (About 2 should do.)
4.Owl (Ummm... 2 is good.)
5. King frog. (The frog with the golden crown.)
6.Brown eagel. (1 or 2 shoud totally do.)
7. Dragonfly and butterfly (2 snaps of dragofly and 2 snaps of butterfly.
8. Unicorn. (Take about 3.)

9. Bobbing for apples. (Play AS MANY levels as you can. about till 20 will get you rich! $$$ )

10. If the carnival is open play ring toss, in 2009 you get 44 bear bills.

11. Play run fur the stuffing in Build-a-bear workshop. In town square. Make sure you reach the hard level or Just play the hard level.

12. If the north poles Open just play the snowball game Hit the target at the stars.

13.make marsh mallows at the camp for fun or play hard level.

14. Play the "Lessons" at the gym. get 100 bear bills if you are playing it at hard level.

15. Go to the pawlette confur botique or bear stuff store to ssell stuff you don't need.

And there you have it, As many times you can play games play them ok? Follow my tips or make your own. Im sure these are the only tips. anyways, Comment, and add this page to your favorites. So.. you can use them in the future.

Bye bye! ~Frankie.

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