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View Post Originally Posted by BrittanyAutumn
You guys have all problebly got tricked by someone in a trade.I have somethings that happened to me in the pass to tell you so it won't happen again.Here are 10 tips.

Trading Tips
  1. If you click too fast,you might acidentally click on the paw.
  2. Don't ask for too many items or they might quit the trade.
  3. Choose wisely at what you want.
  4. If they ask too many times and you say no,stop asking cause they will never except.
  5. Hide your items if you do not wish to trade them.
  6. If they ask you for Bear Bills and you don't notice you might be sad.
  7. People who have lots of PSI's might not wanna trade with people who are new.
  8. If you are new,don't let other people take your PSI('s).
  9. If you acidentally clicked on the paw while trying to exit,the other person will go to a different server or a different place/location.
  10. Bear Bills-If you click on your bear bills and you acidentally clicked twice,they will get double that money.
Those are my tips,I hope these things don't happen to you next time!
Oh! i got one more! add them if you accidently click the paw you can follow them!