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Default Day 2 - BI Contest Question Begins - Updated

Day 2 Question:

Name 5 pieces of personal information you can share, and 5 that you may not share (generalities, not specifics).


BI is having a Scavenger Hunt!!

Each day, for four days, 5 teacups will be hidden in the forum. (You'll recognize them when you see them - trust me ).

They will be hidden in the first post of any thread that is on the first page of any section in the forum. Don't forget to check announcements and notices, too. Threads can be open or closed. They will all be created by a staff person though.

*hint* Read ALL of the forum rules carefully - this will help you with the daily questions

Saturday, July 11th, round begins at 3 PM ET, ends at 2 PM ET on July 12th.

Time Zone Conversion Chart

The first member to correctly identify the locations of all 5 teacups AND answer the question correctly will receive their choice of boutique item(s) valued at 2 credits. You may only win the credit prize once.

To enter, PM pandyma618 with the locations of the teacups and answer to the question. The daily question can be found above.

Locations must contain:
the thread title,
link to the thread,
and post number.

DO NOT post locations of the teacups on this thread.

You may only enter once per day. If you send more than one PM, all of your entries will be disqualified.

Do not PM or VM me questions. Use this thread.

Entries must be received by 2PM (one hour before the next round begins).

Cheaters will be disqualified and may be given a 'vacation' from BI for up to 3 days per offense.

Grand Prize: A BABV Scavenger Hunt Map Code.

All participants with correct locations and answers to the daily question are automatically entered in the drawing. If you participate each day, you will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing 4 times.

If you have more than one BI account, you will be disqualified from the contest.
You may contact JessBearHug immediately to have any additional accounts removed so that you may participate.
Please make sure you look at the Original contest thread for any help you need. All questions have been answered there.


Good luck everyone!!