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Hi, my name is AmberAllHeart1587. You can call me Amber if you want to. I hope you're going to have a fun time here in BI! There are lots of forums to do. Make sure you read the FAQ. It is at the top. It is on the orange.

Forum Rules is really important when someone is new. You have to start there all the time! Make sure you don't type in red or blue it's only for moderators and adminstrators. Please don't post advertisements like a club on a profile or thread. You can only post a club in the Join the Club Section.

Front Page News is where you can put discussions on the front page news. Like new stuff going on in BABV!

CyBearGuides is where you can ask real Build-A-Bearville CyBearGuides all your questions. They will answer you and you'll know the answer to your question.

General Discussion is a place where you can talk about events related to BABV.

BearVilleInsider Contests! is where there is like a contest for the Front Page! Like a banner. The season banner! There will be Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer banners that people will make. Even YOU can make one

Yikes! I need help!! is where you can post BI Forums and BABV questions or problems. Some people will help you and you'll get your answer

Aloha is like where you went to now is where you can greet people about that they're welcome to BI! They'll tell them that they're new. You can tell them "Welcome to BI!"

Beginners Guide to Buildabearville is a place where there are lots of guides to show you in BABV. So many guides there for new people.

Looking for Special Guest! is like Maxine, ChloeRocks, MiguelSunshine, and Green Tracks. Some people will talk about those special guest in BABV! They will also tell you where they are

Special Events is where people talk about new stuff in BABW or BABV. Like new bears, new areas, and other stuff they will talk about!

Codes is a really good place for good codes. There will be a calendar code you can use in BABV. Some people will show the code to anyone. Also there are some codes you cannot share.

Whoopsies is a place where you can post threads about glitches or bloopers going on in BABV. People will help you about a glitch.

Bearemy's Giveaways is where you will know what Bearemy will give to everyone! There will be so many surprises in that sections! Make sure you look through it a few times.

Games, Badges, Bearbills is a place where you can write a game guide or read a game guide.

Furry Friends and Virtual Gifts is a good place to show people your furry friends! They would love your furry friends very much. Just post a picture for everyone to see it

Quests and Challenges is where people will help you about the quest. If you're having trouble go to the Quests and Challenges Section for some help!

Team Play is where you could make a team or join the team

Role Play is where you could make a play about something you like

Pawty Time is where you can announce a party!

Beary Fashionable is where you can talk about Build-A-Bear clothes

Beary Musical is almost like a play, BUT a musical play. You can post a poem that you like or anything else you want it to be

Beary Creative is where you can show Drawings or Comics, Writings, Avatars and Signatures, and other stuff that you made!

Cub Condos is a place where you can show your Cub Condo if it looks like a hotel a spa, or anything else your cub condo is like.

Polls is a place where people want you to vote about something! If you're having trouble making one, on the top it says to how to make a poll

Coffee House is where you can talk about the world or inside BABV

Virtual Gaming Outside BABV is a place where people tell you about Virtual World's outside BABV.

The Birthday Place is where you can tell people that your birthday is coming up soon or tell people happy birthday!

Join the Club is where you can make a Fan Club about something. Please search the club before making it. If the club is already made you have to think of something else. If you thought of something, you search the club again. If it's not there you can make it.

Are You Game? is a good place where you can play a lot of games that people made! You can even make your own game!

Links is where you can post links about a virtual world to go to!

I hope you'll have a fun time here in BI! Enjoy! Sorry my post is long!