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Out of all the sweets in the world, I've got to say, I can't live without Ice Cream over a Hot Cookie (or, as a famous restaurant calls it, a Pazooki). I absolutely love the way the cold ice cream gently cools the hot cookie on my tongue, and how both gently melt away at the clash of hot and cold. The varieties that you can have with this heavenly dessert dish is more than I can name---Chocolate Ice Cream over a Red Velvet Cookie, Strawberry Ice Cream over a Sugar Cookie, anything. You will always taste that wonderful bit of hot and cold clash. If you use the regular (and popular) Vanilla ice cream over a Chocolate Chip cookie, you get the wonderful scent (which you get from all cookies), but the delightful taste of cold vanilla over a burning chocolate chip, which slowly just melts in your mouth gently,

Any type of Ice Cream
Cookie Mix (and obviously the cookie mix's ingredients)
Usually, the easiest way to make this heavenly delight is to use a small cast iron skillet then making the cookie. I now it sounds odd, but the larger the cookie, the tastier it gets.

Now that I've fulfilled you're craving for this delight, why not a picture to make you want it more?

Click the image to open in full size.