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View Post Originally Posted by RachelGirl192
Does anybody know if the curly bunny never came as virtual version to bearville and does anybody know the PSI for the hedgehog?

I have the following problem:
I just brought my new animal to life on bearville. He is a curly bunny called Harvey. When I entered the numbers, I got the choice between the dog, a red cat, the lil bunny big ears, bearemy and SIX times the cherry blossom bunny! At least this is what was shown on the screen, and I had to pick one of them. I thought ok, maybe the curly bunny, since it is older (but was sold in Germany until recently), does not even have an online version and a PSI, so I chose the first cherry blossom bunny.
And what did I get? A hedgehog. I was very surprised. The hedgehog itself is very cute, but it did NOT come with a PSI, does NOT have his own wallpaper and I did NOT get any bear bills (even in the bear mail that welcomes Harvey, it says "You get 0 bear bills").
So if there is no online version for the curly bunny, I am happy to keep the hedgehog, but I would really like to have the PSI, the wallpaper and the bear bills then. I already wrote to the vw help team.
But I thought somebody from here can help me, too.
Thanks, Rachel
I had the same thing happen to me on my side account yesterday, except I ended up with something that resembles a skunk! LOL! I also did not get a PSI or wallpaper or bills either. Must be a glitch. Hope they get it fixed soon.