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Default What If volunteers fur my video

Hey guys!Today is a great day! So I need volunteers fur my video!
The song will be: What If by PureNRG and here a video fur you to listen
(Youtube links are not allowed on BI--Larkrose)
Put in hig quality
I need people wearing costume fur this video(it can be only one person each costumes) and background or a setting fur those costumes
Gir next door:______________
Rockstar(Both boy/girl)_________
Dress silly:________________
Stuck on the ground:_____________
Big time film star:_____________
Resturant owner:______________
Cure fur cancer:______________
Dress rainbow:_______________
Fashion Model:______________
Superbowl quarterback:______________
Dress white:_________________
Group(that means everyone together.we will find go to the neighborhood fur this)
Oklay everyone get ready and meet me in Sunnyville and I will meet you with your costumes and your setting or background!Have fun!!

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