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We are going to open applications again in the next few days, HOWEVER, not everyone can apply at this time. Please read the notice on the first page of this thread carefully.

The only people that can apply at this time are members who meet ALL of the following requirements:
1) Have applied in the past but were not accepted for whatever reason and were told to reapply in the future.
2) You have been told you can apply at this time. Usually, when you are not accepted, you are given a date on which you can start reapplying. If that date has come or has passed, you may reapply at this time.
3) Meet ALL other requirements as stated in the first post of this thread.

No one else may apply at this time. We will open up regular registrations shortly. Not reading our notices thoroughly is not advised. If you apply and are not supposed to at this time, your application will be deleted and you will be given a date that you can reapply far in the future.