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These children today don't know what they are missing.

You know, as someone who is majoring in web and mobile computing (back end and front end coding for websites and applications) at a school with some of the best computing majors in the world (#2 or #3 globally for game development), there are so many times when I think, "Man, if only I could get my hands on BABV's code...". Obviously that will never happen, but I wish.
When they were about to close Bearville some people were hopeful that the new Build-A-Bear Play would be fun. Sadly, it's not.

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Same. I haven't purchased anything from them in a long time.

Also agree with this.

Does anyone know how BABW is doing from a sales standpoint since BABV closed?
I mean, I know the Pokemon have sold well, but aside from that.
Build-A-Bear is back to earning money after there huge drop. That's probably because everything is cheaper: branded bears which they can sell for more money (like 90% of the furry friends, and it's Build-A-BEAR! A Bear! Not a Pokemon.), plain certificates, new discovery stores are cheaper to operate as well: the stuffing machines look like they cost less, they removed the fluff me station, they completely abandoned the plan of the ''High Tech'' BAB you could say, cheaper birth certificates that look super plain, and closing some stores and replacing them with these Build-A-Bear Kiosks.

Don't even get me started on the kiosks, there like 100 feet long. At the begining, there's the Take Me Home, then Choose Me & Hear Me on One Side, The Stuffing Machine at The End, and then Dress Me, and Name Me (1 Computer) at the end. It's not good.

You wanna notice what I really miss about Bearville: the little things. The music they had, chatting with friends, playing the furtastic fountain, watching craftshop and bearville news and the Chloe show. Those are the fond memories I have of BABW & BABV. I'm so sad that kids today don't get to have the same magic we did

One more thing I forgot to say, I emailed Build-A-Bear with all of my complaints about them closing Bearville many times, plus all the new branded stuff, and I got the same response each time, which I mean is normal but...

There getting really annoyed with me and you can tell when they say ''Once Again, Thank you for your interest In Bearville, however we will NOT be returning. Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc. will be moving forward with other platforms. That's all they said, and they're getting clearly annoyed with me. But, that's okay. I'm going to continue to email them because I really want them to listen. They're not going to.

Maxine dosen't run the company anymore. They were looking to become a strong profitable company again. They did that. But it lost the magic.