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Default I went back to the Workshop Today.... My Experiance

I went back today. I decided that Build-A-Bear has and always will be a company I love. My local Build-A-Bear had a special style of a Moose that is only at that location, so I made that.

I walked in to BABW and spent a while deciding which bear to get. I did notice a lot of licensed matiriel.

I got a sound. I looked at music. There were three songs avaleble: Cheerleader, Uptown Funk, and Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae which are all old(er) songs. Cheerleader and Uptown Funk weren't sang by the actual singer, just Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae was, so I chose that.

I walked to the stuffers in the middle, put a heart in, and stuffed. Even though the Workshop looks different, the feel of bringing a teddy bear to life/experiance was still there,

Since there's no more Fluff Me, I went streight to Dress Me. I bought a blue hat, a t-shirt, and jeans (for some reason the only jeans they had we're for ''Build-A-Dino''-- which I thought they didn't have anymore, but anyway, they fit).

Birth Certificates at the computer. It didn't have me enter the Find A Bear ID Program. I asked, and apparently people were sick of entering their email address and stuff every time, so now it only asls you to name it, then if it's your first time at build-a-bear, gender, and name.

The Birth Certificates are still plain looking, but I still like them. One thing I wondered though, is they still have the ID Number on them even though there's no more find-a-bear/bearville, So what's the point? PS: Maxine's Signature was still on it

Then, it's time to pay. I wasn't really paying attention to the cost as I was just observing the workshop and asking questions. It rang up as $63. That included a $25.50 Bear, $7.00 Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae Sound, Hat, T-Shirt, Jeans, and A $5 Drawstring Backpack.

PPS: I was thinking about getting the 20th Aniversery Bear, but it had pegs in it's arms so the arms could rotate back (what the heck!) and I hated that, so I didn't choose that one. It's a shame though, because it was a cute bear.

And the reason I went with a Drawstring Backpack was because the Cub Condo's looked pretty plain, and I didn't want a plain bag either. I think the backpack was okay though. It had the old logo and was orange colored and glow in the dark.

So, overall I think it was a pretty good experiance. I miss things from the past, but at least I still am able to make my own teddy bear, even if it's more exspensive.