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View Post Originally Posted by Sosjonas134
Sorry if its not alot, before I had like 70 and clicked the tab off by accedient.

1. A ice cream parlor
2. A place to buy smoothies
3. A giant mall with an arcade, a food court, cliothing stores, ect. Like n a reuglar mall
4. A groccery store
5. an eye glass store, and contacts
6. A design shop (where we can design clothes and stuff)
7. an amusement park
8. an ice rink
9. hockey
10. figure skating and ice skating and ice skates
12. A celll phone shop
13. A place to buy house phones
14. Trash cans for our cub condos
15. Black cat costumes
16. 100 or 50 more clothing choices
17. Sassy cat pj's at pawlettes
18. an amusement park
19. A way to watch actually tv shows on our condo tv's
20. Ways to do own own hair so people wont look the same
21. Concerts
22. Shoe store (I dont like have one big store for stuff)
23. Ways to actually go to the bathroom.
24. Ways for our character to bathe and brush teeth (what about them? Then need to be cleantoo)
25. Ways to go around the world on BABV.
26. A smoothie shop
27. Ways to actually eat and buy food and stuff
28. Ways to carry books and read them like twilight
29. Ways to actually check out bookswhere if its out you cant get it.
30. Ways to buy pj's, cheer shirts, ect.
31. A regular pair of socks.

If I remember the rest of my ideas, I will post them.


32. Condos for people without bears
33. Hotels
34. Bowling alley
35. More eateries
36. A bycilce rack for virtual rides
37. Better fountain items
38. Camp all year, camp shirts, tents or cabins that you can go in, a mess hall.
39. Ways to buy bear clothes with bear bills
40. Ways to buy food, drinks, and other stuff like candy
41. Games that get you up to 1,000 bear bills a game.
42. Belts to holdup the pants
43. Overalls.
44. more neclaces and earings and jewlrey
45. A jewlry shop

All that stuff would be nice, instead of boys clothes beingwith girls clothes they could have sepreate stores. And then jewlry stores
Also a Airport Hi SOSJONAS