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Default Improvements/Ideas to BABV Halloween!

I was thinking that the Kooky Spooky Fun House needed improving! My ideas:

- Halloween Train Ride!
In the House, there could be a train on broken rails! Click on it and you'll go on a ride round the Kooky Spooky House! It swurves and curves! At the end, you'll come back to where you started. You get a FREE Ghost Couch!

-Halloween Candy Stall!
Outside the Kooky Spooky House there could be a candy cart! Click on it and you can buy Halloween treats!

-Turn into a dracula for the photo!
On the top floor of the Kooky Spooky Fun House is a photo BOO-th! You can get a photo of you and/or your bears with a Halloween background!

If you go down some stairs by the train, you go into the dungeon! There there is one of the Halloween bears and a game 'Find The Ghosts!' You have to hunt the dungeon and find ghosts.

Also, a series of bears for Halloween:


Name: Pawsome Pumpkin Pal
PSI: Pumpkin Arch Bed, Jack O' Lantern Wallpaper and 3,000 BB

Name: Beariffic Bat
PSI: Bat Arch bed, Bat wallpaper and 3,000 BB

Name: Great Ghost
PSI: Ghost Arch bed, Ghost wallpaper and 3,000 BB

Name: Catious Cat
PSI: Cat Bed, Cat lamp, Ghost wallpaper and 3,000 BB

Name: Soulful Spider
PSI: Spider Arch Bed, Spider wallpaper and 3,000 BB

When you enter the Fun House, you get a FREE pair of bat wings! Also, every now and then, BABV will turn to night! It will be all dark and the moon and stars will come out. When this ends, you get 50 BB! Please note it will happen inside, just no stars and moon! Instead, they come from the window. It is ALWAYS dark outside the Fun House.

Name: Pawsome Pumpkin Pal
Location: Next to door outside Fun House
Gift: Operates Candy Cart. Get a random bit of candy daily by clicking on him!

Name: Beariffic Bat
Location: Hanging upside down at the top of the stairs
Gift: Bat statue

Name: Great Ghost
Location: In the dungeon
Gift: Ghost statue

Name: Catious Cat
Location: In the library, on the sofa
Gift: Cat statue

Name: Soulful Spider
Location: Next to the Halloween Train
Gift: Spider Statue

The (Un)Lucky Pumpkin!
Like in the Under The Sea collection, there's an (Un)Lucky Pumpkin!! You can get all sorts from it. It's right outside the Fun House.

Bat wings ride
Bat outfit
Pumpkin Outfit
Cat Outfit
Spider Outfit
Ghost Outfit
Wizard Outfit
Witch Outfit

That's all for now. If you have any more, you are

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