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Aerpostal always has sales. I like there tee shirts. Sometimes I buy clothes at Hot Topic. Try Target if you want some converse shoes.
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When I got my ears peirced, it was a piece of cake! I got them done for my birthday last year. I think it was worst just waiting up to it. I hardly felt anything. Right after my ears were red but they weren't too sore.
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Haha, I'm luuking out for self-improvement for next year tuu. So I know how ya feel. ;3
I'll just label each topic. :]

I usually shop at Abercrombie, since they do have some pretty good things there. Actually, just on Friday, I bought a cute skirt and a pair of short-shorts sweats there. [: You can go there for a more . . . mm, I’m not really sure, but they have a special way of their own style. Abercrombie’s the place to buy your skinny jeans. If your planning on approaching the more girly-look, Justice is a great store to go to! That’s where I get my knee-high socks from. I guess that this is one place to get cute shirts, except that I’m not really a fan of all the glitter and such that they impose on you. [x A few department stores – Nordstrom && Bloomingdales. Except those can be a little expensive. My local mall tore down the old Nordstrom that we had and rebuilt another one, it opened on Friday as well. AND I LOVED IT. There were just these kawaii//adorable skirts and shirts, most of them from one of my favorite brands – Harajuku Lovers! The kids//teen section in Nordstrom is to die for. The merchandise there is just so stylish and kawaii! >w< And shoes . . . well, you can get them at the Nordstrom’s children’s’ section as well. [[Maybe sum knee-high Converse? Lol. My friend has a colorful pair. ;3]]

Ear Piercing
I can’t really help on this, but my cousin has her ears pierced, and she gave me a little preview. She just gave a light small pinch to my ear lobe to demonstrate how it feels like to have your ears pierced. I believe Claire’s gives that activity. [: But, it will make you add a little bonus to new looks. I did get mine pierced because I figured that I didn’t have the right face for them. ^3^’’’

Well, I’m supposed to be one of the skinniest girls in the grade. But recently I’ve been gaining weight, which I’m a little neutral about. I could use it. ;3 It’s just that I have this little nagging impulse that I’m getting fatter and I NEEDA LOOSE WIEGHT. NAOW. XD I usually go to one of the local parks – the one that I go to is just right by my sister’s high school, which is right in front of the park with the fairly new track. xD I go there almost everyday [sumtimes I don’t, I go w/ my mom to her office or w/e] and run a few laps there. The track is fairly new and the material is supposed to be used for these kind of purposes. You can always go to the park and just jog and walk a few laps around the paths that the sidewalks lead to, or just walk back and forth between your neighborhoods. And not to mention the current five laps were doing under twelve minutes at school. Ugh. XD But, another way of exercising that I like doing best is DANCING. Ow0 The groups that I listen to from this project are Japanese Pop, and the music videos//PVs have a few shots of them dancing. I usually just search up sumthing like ‘buono our songs dance shot’ on Youtube and they give me the dance shot from the PV. And then I dance to a certain person’s part. It’s also practice because me and my friends film ourselves doing it and stuff. And, trust me, they don’t just WAVE DERE HANDS IN DA AY-YAH. They have pro choreography. X] But since I don’t think that you’ll like JPop, you can always search for one of your favorite songs and see if they have a dance to it that you can dance along w/, or you can just grab a song and start dancing freestyle. It really does help loose a few pounds after each dance. And it’s the more fun of all of the other options. Heehee. X] I’m actually dancing to one right now!

Makeup . . . I don’t wear that stuff and I’m not really at the age for mascara and blush. [Don’t ask me why I have two sets of lip gloss and eye shadow tho. XD] I’d havta agree with Izzytennistar, Sephora is a supposedly good brand from what I usually hear. [: And so is Nordstrom and Bloomindale’s make-up department if ya wanna upgrade it.

We-ell. I hoped I help and didn’t make things sound confuzzling, feel free ta ask murr or anything. ;] I still have a bunch to say. X3
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