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Smile Cookie's Blog: Pink Fairy

Hi, I'm Cookie. I'm a Pink Hearts Monkey that LOVES cookies. That's why they call me Cookie .

Hi, I'm Cinnamon. I'm a Jack Russell Terrier, here to accompany Cookie with the blog.

Here is where we will be posting our adventures and works of art. I had always dreamed of becoming an author, and now I had made a book! Since I am a MAJOR fan of Chimpalina...

We all know you are. YOU said she was your "hero" and that's why you made something for her.

Cinnamon, don't ruin the surprise!



Go on, tell them the surprise.

Ok, ok. I made a book, yes book, about Chimpalina and everyone on her blog.

Will you show them?

Yes! Stop that! Ok, here's the story. Tell me what you think of it. Chimpalina, if you're reading this, I hope you like this story.

Table of Contents
Tessa Gone Missing……….3
Chimpalina meets Jerry……5
Chimpalina meets Destiny…7
We found Tessa….…………9

Linda’s Mom
Tessa’s Mom

Tessa Gone Missing
One afternoon, Chimpalina stayed home with her cousins while Tessa went swimming. Chimpalina was having so much fun with her cousins playing dress up, that she didn’t want to stop. Then, Chimpalina looked at the clock. She said to her cousins, “Isn’t Tessa supposed to be home by now?” Paws shrugged. She didn’t know Tessa was supposed to be home by now. The other cousins were the same way.
Chimpalina was getting worried. Tessa was never late before. All of a sudden, Gracie said “I’m hungry. We can eat with or without her! But I want to eat NOW!” Chimpalina said “Eating isn’t important right now! What is important is FINDING TESSA!” Freya put in “That’s a purrrfect idea! I have to go with Chimpalina.”
When Freya said that, Paws and Gracie looked at each other. “We’re not going. We have stuff to do.” “Prrrrrretty please?” Freya begged. “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Not even if we eat lunch first.” Gracie said. “Actually, I think that has to be the GOOFIEST thing I’ve EVER heard in all of my seven years!” “Actually, Chimpalina’s got a point. Tessa is in trouble, and we’re the only ones who can save her.” Paws said. “Gracie, I don’t care if you don’t love Tessa. She’s my best friend in the whole entire universe. So what if you don’t help save her. She my friend and I care about her.” Chimpalina said. Gracie was speechless with a frown. She itched the top of her nose. Finally, Gracie agreed, “Alright, alright. I’ll come.” she moaned. Freya cheered and clapped her paws, really excited. “See, even I am going. And I’m the pretty one. Even the pretty ones in movies don’t go on dangerous adventures like we are.” “But if I get eaten by a snake, I’m soooooo blaming it on you.” Gracie warned.
Paws blurted out, “What if we have a cool name for our group?” “That’s a great idea! What about The Animals?” Chimpalina screeched. They didn’t agree. “Ok, how about The Animal SQUAD?” They disagreed once more. “Fine. Here’s my last one. What about the C.F.P.G. Squad?” Paws suggested. “What’s the C.F.P.G. Squad?” Freya asked. “It’s the Chimpalina, Freya, Paws, and Gracie Squad.” Paws explains. Gracie stopped them. “Whoa, whoa. Wait, whoa, whoa. Why do I have to be last?” “That’s not important right now. All hands in.” Chimpalina orders. Gracie gives in and puts her hoof on Chimpalina’s hand. Then Paws and Freya add their paws. Then Chimpalina said “On the count of three, we all say ‘SAVE TESSA!’ One….two….three! SAVE TESSA!!!!!!!!!! I think the C.F.P.G. Squad is complete. You should know what that means, team.” “Not a clue.” said the team.
Off they went. Paws asked, “How are we supposed to get there. It might take days to get there on foot!” Chimpalina thought for a moment. “Wait, I got it! A few days ago, I saw Tessa’s old toddler car in the attic. Let’s go up and get it!” She finally blurted out.
They got up to the attic. Paws, Gracie, and Freya all said in surprise, “Whoa! What a HUGE attic!” Chimpalina glared. “Really? Freya and I are 18 in. tall, Paws is 16 in. tall and Gracie is 19 in. tall. Of course it’s a HUGE attic! However, it’s not as big for Tessa, because she is bigger than all of us.” she moaned. “Yea, I’m the tallest!” Gracie shouted. “Hey, on this mission, I’m picking out the clothes.” Freya ordered. They agreed. “Chimpalina, I’m disappointed in you. You MUST wear something on this mission.” Freya shouted. “But, it’s uncomfortable!” Chimpalina complained. “Here. Go put these on.” Freya ordered. “But…” Chimpalina complained. “No more about that! Now go change.” Freya ordered.
Chimpalina changed into a Criss Cross tank top, silver quilted coat and purse, and a silver skirt and boots. Gracie changed into a red sweater with red sherpa-look ******s. Paws wore a floral strappy dress with fuchsia ballet flats and pink gradient sunglasses. Finally, Freya wore a white sequin Henley, a pink bubble skirt with pink ballet flats, a pink glitter purse and pink tutu socks. What a stunning team, Freya thought.
They all tried to find the car. Suddenly, Chimpalina found it.

Chimpalina Meets Jerry
She called to the others and they jumped in. Suddenly, Gracie asked “Why do you get to drive?” Chimpalina answered, “Because it’s my mission. Now let’s go save Tessa!”
They drove off to the neighborhood pool. “Nope, not there.” Paws said. “You’re right about that.” Freya agreed. “Now where do we look?” Gracie asked. “Oh I know!” Paws blurted out. “The new BABV zoo! She always has been going there on Saturdays by herself to see the pandas.” “Isn’t she a zookeeper?” Chimpalina asked. “Not today. Tomorrow she’ll be one. She is every Sunday.” Paws replied. “Let’s go!” The team shouted. They drove to the marina and drove onto the ferry. “We’re almost to Sandy Bear Island.” Gracie said. “There goes the lighthouse.” said Paws.
When they got to the zoo, they looked around entrance of the zoo. All of a sudden, Freya found a map of the zoo. “Hey guys! I found a map of the zoo!” she exclaimed. “Whoa, that’s a big zoo. Tessa could be anywhere!” Gracie said. “Let’s split up and look for clues. Wow, I’m starting to sound like Fred on Scooby-Doo!” Paws said. “Yep, a Scooby-Doo moment!” Gracie laughed. “We can’t solve this mystery. We’ve checked all of Build-A-Bearville, and I think my horns are about to fall off!” She moaned. “Ok, there are four things wrong with that statement. One, that made no sense at all. Two, we haven’t checked all of Build-A-Bearville. Three, stop being a quitter. Four, we HAVE to put our minds together to solve this mystery. And, that’s it.” Chimpalina told Gracie.
“Hey, this reminds me. We are like the Mystery Inc. gang on Scooby-Doo! Let’s use their names as ours. You know, let’s pretend to be them.” Chimpalina said. “Except without a dog.” said Paws. “Ok, I’m Daphne.” said Freya. “Hey, wait. Why do you get to be Daphne?” Gracie asked. “Because I’m the pretty one.” Freya remarked. “Well, that’s true. Freya does wear some pretty clothes!” Paws agreed. “I’m Velma because I’m smart!” Paws said. “But you don’t wear glasses.” Freya said. “It doesn’t matter.” Paws remarked.
“I’m like Shaggy.” Gracie said. “Probably because I’m constantly hungry and I don’t want to do things. Man, now I’m hungry. Let’s go to the concession stand.” “Not right now. First, let’s finish getting our names and then we can get a snack. Then, we can go by the panda habitat.” Chimpalina said. “Fine.” Gracie moaned.
“Ok. Freya is Daphne. Paws is Velma. Gracie is Shaggy. I am like…Fred I guess.” Chimpalina said. Gracie laughed. “Ha, ha. You’re a boy. Ha, ha.” “Like you’re no different!” said Chimpalina. “Ok. NOW let’s go get a snack. Ok, Gracie?” “No, I’m not hungry anymore.” Gracie said. “GRACIE! I thought you said you were hungry!” the team shouted at Gracie. “Well, I ate gummy worms.” Gracie said. “Where’d you get those?” Freya asked. “My back pocket. They were melted, do I just drank them. Now my back pocket’s sticky.” Gracie complained. “Uggggghhh.” Chimpalina moaned. “Freya, do you have some extra jeans?” “Yes. Gracie, go put them on in the bathroom.” Freya instructed. “Ok.” Gracie said.
When Gracie came out, she said “How do you look?” “Purrrrfect! I am glad I brought them with us from your closet.” Freya said.
They walked to the panda habitat. “I’m still hungry. I’m glad I bought popcorn for all of us. Well, Gracie had a drink and popcorn. Hmmm, still no Tessa.” Paws said. “Guys, since I had a drink with this popcorn, I left gummy worm juice, enough for each of you to have a whole cup.” Gracie offered. “Thanks!” the team said. “Yummy!” Chimpalina said.
“Chimpalina, why haven’t you been talking much lately?” Paws asked. “Well, because being leader of this group, I’ve been thinking of the places we should go to next. Also, I miss Tessa.” “Psst! Psst!” “Someone’s calling for us!” Paws whispered. “Psst! Psst! Hey you guys! Get me out of here!” a panda whispered. “Give me you hand.” Chimpalina said. They reached for the panda’s hand. They grabbed it and pulled him out.

Chimpalina Meets Destiny
“Hey, thanks!” the panda said. “Who are you?” asked Freya. “I’m Jerry the panda, at your service.” bowed the panda to Freya. Gracie got mad and scrunched her nose up. Why does all the good stuff happen to her, thought Gracie. “Hey, Chimpalina, can Jerry join the team?” asked Freya. “Sure.” Chimpalina said.
“Who is he going to be?” Paws asked. “Fred?” Chimpalina offered. “No, you’re Fred.” Gracie said. “I can be just a normal person on the team.” Chimpalina said. “Ok. Jerry is Fred. Everyone else is who they already were.” Freya said.
The group jumped into the car and rode onto the ferry again. They went to Rainbowville this time. They didn’t know they were going to Rainbowville. Instead, they thought they were going back to BABV. When they got to Rainbowville, they said “Whoa! They did a lot of work on BABV while we were gone.” “This isn’t BABV.” Jerry laughed. “This is *ahem* Rainbowville.” “Why did you say *ahem* Rainbowville.” Paws asked. “That is what you say when you arrive to Rainbowville for the first time. This island is…” Jerry began. “Hey! There’s Tessa!” Freya called out. “TESSA!” Chimpalina ran to hug Tessa. But it wasn’t Tessa. “Hey, get off me!” said the stranger. “Who are you?” Chimpalina demanded. “I am Emily, thank you very much.” she pushes Chimpalina off her leg. “Ok, I have a ferry to catch.” Emily said. As she walks toward the dock, about to wait for the ferry, Chimpalina stuck out her right foot out and Emily tripped over it and fell into the water. “Ugggggh! I will get you one day.” she said, raising an angry fist in the air. The team got into their car and drove into town. “Hey look, a cat! Let’s see if she’s seen Tessa!” said Paws.
They drove up to the cat and asked “Hey, have you seen a girl with dark brown hair walk past here?” “With what on her?” the cat asked. “What do you mean?” Freya asked. “What was she wearing?” the cat asked. “Well, she was wearing a poofy skirt with gems, an I Love Bear shirt with a bathing suit under it. She also had a sparkly hat and a camo backpack with her. Seen her?” Chimpalina explained. “Nope. I haven’t seen her.” the cat said. “Wait, who are you?” Paws said. “I’m Destiny, at your service.” said the cat, curtsying. “Hey, are you a Purrincess Kitty?” Freya asked. “Yes. But I’m not a princess. I’m a fancy kitty.” Destiny said. “You don’t look fancy. You look like a cowgirl.” Gracie said. “I know. I snuck out of my house because my owner wouldn’t let me be a cowgirl. I have always wanted to be one. So I snuck out, got these clothes, and have been on my own ever since.” Destiny said. “Hey, can Destiny join the team?” said Paws. “Sure.” said Chimpalina. “She can be….a cowgirl.” Gracie said. “Yay!” Destiny shrieked, clapping her paws. “We’re looking for Tessa.” Chimpalina said. “Oh, right. I’ll come along with you guys and we’ll all find Tessa! Let’s go!” said Destiny.
As they drove to the dock, they heard a lot of noise behind them. It was a crowd of furry friends. “What’s going on?” asked Jerry. The captain of the ship said “Next stop, Build-A-Bearville!” All of a sudden, all of the furry friends rushed on board without their owners. “Why aren’t the owners coming?” Freya asked as she neared the side of the ferry.
Just as the ferry started moving, it bumped a rock and Freya fell out. “Help! Help!” said Freya. “Oh no! Save Freya!” shouted Jerry. As she sinks, Jerry gets on a scuba suit and dives in after Freya. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her up. Then he put her on his back and swam to shore. Then they dried off and waited for the ferry to turn around and come back. When it did, they boarded and joined the rest of the team. They crowded around Freya to make sure she was alright. Freya was fine.
Just as the boat started for BABV, they realized it was a long boat ride. The team didn’t have anything else to do, so they all took a nap. All except for Paws. She couldn’t sleep so she joined the other furry friends. It was dance time so the captain put on some music and they started to dance. The team couldn’t hear the music.

We Found Tessa
They drove home, all gloomy. They went inside and went up to Tessa’s room. They were sitting on the rug, in the middle of the floor, sad, gloomy, and confused. “Now how are we supposed to find Tessa? We looked for her all day!” Freya said. “ We didn’t skip a house, or anything. Wait, what about a secret passageway?” Paws added. “What?” they all asked. “A secret passage. Tessa may have gone home, while we were looking for her. She went into the backyard, pressed against a tree under the shade. It was too hot in the house. She pressed against it, and fell in the ground into a secret lair.” Paws explained. “Ok. Paws, you watch WAY too many cartoons.” Gracie said. “It’s true.” Freya added.
Chimpalina started to cry. “We’ll never find Tessa.” she mumbled. “Oh look! The clouds! It’s about to storm! We better find her quick!” Gracie said. Chimpalina climbed onto Tessa’s bed. Then she flopped onto the pillow. Then she heard a crunch. She got up and said “What was that?” She lied down again. Crunch, crunch. She looked under the pillow. “Oh look guys! I found a clue!” she shouted. “A CLUE!?” they all shouted. “It’s a to-do list!” Chimpalina said, picking up the crunched piece of paper. It says:
To Do List
1. Go to the pool
2. Go to Linda’s house, across the street
3. Come home for dinner
4. Have a sleepover at home with Linda
“Oh my goodness! She’s across the street?” Paws said. “I guess so.” Freya replied. “This is the answer to all of our problems!” Gracie shouted.
They quickly got up and ran to their car. Then, they drove across the street, just in time. It started to rain. It’s a good thing they brought their umbrellas. They quickly ran up the driveway and up to the front door.
Linda’s mom came to the door. “Hello? Hello?! Hmm, kids.” she mumbled. “Down here!” Chimpalina called. “Hello?” Linda’s mom asked. “Hi, I’m Chimpalina, Tessa’s friend. Can we come in and see her?” “No, they’re busy right now, having a snack. Now, GO AWAY!” she yelled.
So they sat on the porch, sad and gloomy. Five minutes later, Tessa came out. “Thank you, Linda’s mom. Come on Linda. My dad’s here.” she called. “TESSA!” Chimpalina said, cheerfully. “Chimpalina? What are you doing here?” Tessa asked. “We’ve been looking for you ALL DAY!” Freya said. “Well, I was at the pool and then I came to Linda’s house. You shouldn’t have been worried. You know I always come home.” Tessa told her. “I know. But I was still worried.” Chimpalina said. “No need to worry. I will always come home.” Tessa said. Then, Chimpalina ran over and hugged Tessa.
“How did you know I was over here? Mom didn’t tell you, did she?” Tessa asked. “No. We found your to-do list under your pillow. So that’s where it went, thought Tessa. “Anyways, let’s go home. Come on Linda. We’re having spaghetti tonight.” Tessa said. The team cheered with delight.
“Who are they?” Tessa asked Jerry and Destiny. “I’m Destiny, a Purrincess Kitty from Rainbowville.” Destiny introduced herself. “Rainbowville? You went all the way there just to look for me?” Tessa asked, surprised. “Yes.” Destiny said, shyly. “And I’m Jerry. I’m a panda from the BABV zoo. They helped me get out of my cage and I decided to stay with them.” Jerry told Tessa. “Ahhh. He’s so cute!” Tessa replied. “Well, thank you.” Jerry said, bowing and blushing. “Now let’s go home, I’m starving!” Gracie complained. “Of course you are, Gracie.” Chimpalina said.
“Freya, why are you cold and smell like salt water and seaweed?” Tessa asked. “It’s a long, long story.” Freya admitted, embarrassed. Everyone started laughed. “Hey, who wants to hear the story about our adventure?” Chimpalina asked. “WE DO!”

I hope all of you like my story. It took a lot of time to do this, and I finally finished it. Thank you!

Is there something you're forgetting?

Oh, yes! If you want to be in my stories, then fill out the form below:

Furry Friend(s) (4 at the most):
Name(s) of Furry Friends:
Character's name:
Pic of Character (optional):
Description of Character:

See you next time!

Yeah, what she said! Now Cinnamon, GET ME A COOKIE! I haven't ate one in 3 minutes! I'M WAY OFF COURSE! HELP ME!

Cookie and Cinnamon
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This is awesome! It means a lot to me that you would be so kind as to invite me & Chimpalina into your story.

Yeah, it's really awesome! Pawlette will DEFINITELY have to guest star on my blog sometime soon!

Yeah Chimpalina, that sounds like a great idea.

Once again, this is aweosome! Nice work.
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Awesome! :]
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Smile My First Update

Hello everybody out there on BI. This is my very first update. I'm sorry I won't be posting for a long time because I'm going on vacation to....

Don't tell them!

But Cinnamon, we don't know where to go yet!

We don't want people to follow us!

Anyways, sorry for the interruption. Can you people out there vote where we're going to go. That would be great!
Here are your choices:
1. Africa
2. Venezuela
3. The Bahamas
4. England
5. Spain
6. Italy

Vote now!


Cookie and...

Don't forget to tell our viewers the thing before we go.

Oh yeah. Drumroll please.

*small drumroll*



Since this is my last update for a while, I would like to tell my fans thank you for the inspiration that is in my blog. Your inspiration is what keeps my blog alive. Thank you. I got most of that off of TV. Bye!

See you later!

Cookie and Cinnamon
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Smile My 2nd Update

Hello, and welcome to my new show! It's called "Monkey Talk" with your host, Cookie!

*Ahem* I'm on this too, ya know.

Well, anyways, I think that I should be the only one on here!

What? That is sooooo unfair!

No it isn't.

Well, I think it is.

Next week, I will post my VERY FIRST SHOW!!!!!!!! Sorry about Cinnamon. She's a real chatterbox!

I heard that!

You were supposed to! Anyways, Bye!

Cinnamon and Cookie
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you jumped a bit ahead in the story, first you introduced then went straight to finding tessa. Kinda confused me a bit there.
Who is tessa and chimpaline and why they so important? not being rude to really confused
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