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View Post Originally Posted by Christinacrystal119
Hi, I'm Christina!

Welcome to!

What is Bearvilleinsider?
Bearvilleinsider is a great website that is "related to BABV" or a website that is about BABV, where you can share upcoming news/dates, stuff, etc. It is not a site that is a "cheat" for BABV. Here, you can learn many cool stuff that you may or may not know. Bearvilleinsider members share their opinions, thoughts, or something; such as, secret places, answers to the quests.; This is a very great and helpful guide for BABV.

Here are some important Rules you'll need to follow:

* Absolutely NEVER share Personal Information about yourself; Such as, what's your name(You can share your First Name, but not Middle Names or Last Names), what school you go to or what Grade Level you are in or other specific information about you, etc. It is very dangerous.

* Never share your password to anyone, that includes your friend(s).

* You can ONLY have 1 account, you cannot create a another account and let a Family member use it.

* Always be kind to every and helpful, don't be mean or disrespectful to anyone.

Want to know more Rules or more info about BI?

Go to "Forum Rules" which is located at the top, and is written in green.

You cannot right in Red or Blue because it is only for the Mods & Adims, etc.

About the Forums and Sections

The Red Carpet! Your first Stop!

Forum Rules is a also the right place to learn more about BI, that includes the rules too. So you might read that also.
Front Page News is a section that you can Add a Thread, and of course the news has to be about BABV, and that thread directly goes into the Front Page of BI. But most of the members in BI is not allowed to make a New Thread in that section, for some reason.
CyBearGuides is a section where you could ask CyBearGuides questions, or share your thoughts for BABV, you could even e-mail the idea to Maxine of you'd like to!
General Discussion is a section where you could talk or ask anything related to BABV.
Bearville Insider Contest is a section where you can create contests. Every month Adims, Owners, etc creates 2 contests, and the winner(s) gets a special prize. Prizes are also needed if you are creating a Contest, because it would be sad if you were the winner and you didn't get anything as a prize.
Yikes! I need help! is a a very helpful section where you could ask anything that is related to BABV or BI(Bearville Insider). Also, you could see or even Post A Thread of your own of a Guide!
Aloha! is a very wonderful section to say "Welcome!" to newbies.Be sure to tell them the important Rules!

About Buildabearville!

Beginners Guide BuildaBearville is a section that I don't really know about, but its a section that is a great guide.
Looking for Special Guests! is a section that you could Add a Thread if you know who is going to be the new upcoming guests!
Special Events is a section where you could post a New Thread that is already pasts or events that is coming up.
Codes is a section that you could post a New Thread and share a code! But make sure its universal, meaning that everyone can use it.
Whoopsies! is a section where you could tell the glitches that has happened to you or is happening to you right now.

Be Beariffic!

Bearamey's Giveaways is a section that you know that Bearemy is giving away soon or today!
Games, Badges and Bearbills! is a section where you can give members helpful guides of earning Bear Bills, etc.
Furry Friends and Virtual Gifts is a section that a a Furry Friend that is release or you have it and know what it gives you when you bring to online!
Quests and Challenges! Talk about quests that is coming soon or the answers to the quests!

Virtual Sandbox!

Team Play! is a section where you could create or join a Team!
Role Plays is a section where you could make a "Role Play," and see which people gets the Role!
Pawty Time! is a section where you could let people know that you are hosting a Pawty!
Beary Fashionable! is a section where you can update that there's new clothes at the Boutique, or funuitures. You could also create a Fashion Magazine, anything related to Fashions!
Beary Musical! is a section about music in BABV or outside!
Beary Creative! is one my favorite section and in this section you could do a lot of things! Such as, Drawings of Comics, writing, order from shops, create or do Jokes and Kitchen Fun!
Cub Condos is a section where you could share or even show-off your Cub Condo! What is your Cub Condo? It could be anything, a hotel maybe!
Polls! is a fun place where you could create polls and members would vote, you could even vote too!
Puffles and Penguins and Bears, Oh my!!

Coffee House is a section where you can talk about inside or outside BABV!
The Birthday Place! is a section to let people know your birthday is coming soon and that you are a hosting a Birthday Pawty!
Join the Club is a section where you could create a Fan Club!
Are you Game? is a section that is the Official Area on BI for playing Forum Words! Sounds like fun!
Links is a section for other blogs related to Virtual Gaming.

More tips about BI:

* To become a Polar Bear, you have to have at least 10 posts, that way you could Add Friends.

* Check first if you are going to post News about BABV because someone might already have updated it first.

* You cannot delete a thread, ask a Admin or Mod to close it for you.

* You cannot plead or beg for a any kind of code that also includes Bear codes, we don't share those, but we do share codes, which is posted in the Front Page or in the "New Threads." Also you could even find more codes when you go on the top and click "Codes."
What are Reputations?

Reputations are given by a member who thinks that a member's post was very helpful to the Thread. Once you've sumbitted the Reputation for the member, they will see their Reputation Boxes under their User CP with the Green Boxes. I am not sure what are the White Boxes are for. Anyways, you can give to a member by clicking the Heart with the plus sign inside the heart. Now be sure that the check is on the Box to give the member the points they deserve. You can also explain on the Box why you gave it to the member. You may not beg to a member to give them a Rep, or ask.
That is breaking the rules when doing it.

What is a Trading Teddy?

A Trading Teddy is one of the most popular sections in BI. To be a Trading Teddy, you have to be a member for at least 1 month, you have to familiar with this community, you have to have 100 Non-Fluff Posts, you must follow and agree the Rules to be a Trading Teddy. But for now, you still have a month to go, so you could apply to be as a trading Teddy. If you we're wondering what "fluff" means, it means that you don't use complete sentences, for example: I agree, I don't know; those kind of fluff posts. You'll learn more about it.

What is the difference between a Knut and a Polar Bear?

First you start to be a Knut when you sign up. When you are a knut, you are not able to add friends, and many stuff, you have to become a Polar Bear first to do the exclusive stuff. To become a Polar Bear is very easy. All you have to do is post at least 10 posts in any threads. Once you have at least 10 posts, you become a Polar Bear! Being a Polar Bear is very fun! You get to add friends and many stuff!

The "shortcut" Words!
- BI stands forBearville Insider
- VM stands for Visitor Message
- PM stands for Private Message (This doesn't allow in BI anymore.)
- TD stands for Trading Den
- Adim stands for Administor
- Mod stands for Moderator
- Rep stands for Reputation

There are more Rules, but these are the important things and Rules you'll need to know! Have a great tour! Remember, don't bother to ask any of us members for help because we're all very great helpers!

thank you for telling me all fo that thank you for also thaking your time do do all of that
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Hey! I'm Brini, welcome to BI!
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Hey Welcome to BI. I'm Goldenstar. Feel free to ask me any questions (don’t be shy). Here are some tips for you for BI:

1. Remember never post personal info on here EVER
2. Remember to read the rules before you post something.
3. Don’t type in red or blue ink (those are mod/adm colors)
4. All ways be friendly and kind
5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on here we are all very helpful
6. Have a great Time and have fun!!!!!!
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Click the image to open in full size.

Hey There! I am glad you joined! Don't Forget to go look at Forum Rules! Remember not to write in Red and Blue because that is reserved for staff. If you are new to Buildabearville you can go check out the Beginners Guide to Buildabearville. To look at new stuff that happens in Buildabearville you can go to the Front Page News. Did you find out something new on Buildabearville?? Then you can post that in the General Discussion. If you are having troubles on BearvilleInsider or Buildabearville you can head over to the Yikes I Need Help. Also Don't forget to enter in the BearvilleInsider Contests! for some awesome prizes! I would love to be friends and if you have any questions, feel free to VM (Vistor Messages) me. __________________
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bella was here :), maleadancebear2 :)

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