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Red face Bambam

Here let me tell you a story of my Special bear! Her name is Bambam she was my first bear!

I got Bambam for this party I was having I didn't know nothing about BABW then only when I was passing by in the mall! Well we were eating at this restrount when it was time for te presents I opened it and it was a bear her name was Bambam she was a Brown Sugar Puppy w/ a white dress that looked like a wedding dress and white shoes I loved her a lot like no other my mom gave it to me it was in May 2006 she is so special to me i take here everywhere I go Even traveling She is my BFF And I love Her!!!

Click the image to open in full size.

this is her P.S I was in the car LOL
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What a nice contest! Good idea. So you're going to get a new bear soon? ;3

My all-time furvourite bear is the Pawsome Panda. Not only is it my favourite furry friend, it is also my favourite animal outside of Build-a-Bear. I have always loved pandas! I like the pawsome panda because it is one of the softest things I have ever felt, and its colours give me a sense of serenity and balance. Its paw pads are really cute, and the overall appearance is adorable! Its brown eyes always seem to pierce into me. The panda seems so real, yet still super cute. Pandas are always so calm and gentle and shy. I like to consider my panda as a true being and friend with a heart (of course).

My Panda, Bonnie, also has a really miraculous and unforgettable story behind all of its fur. Here is a quote from my post in the Furry Friends forum:

View Post Originally Posted by Bianca
Hi guys!

My birthday was on the 29th of June. The day after that, I went to the nearest Build-a-Bear Workshop and got a new Panda with a gift certificate my (real life) best friend KarissaKimonoBear got me.

Earlier, at approximately noon, my family and Karissa's family met up at a pioneer village exhibit called Black Creek. We had planned this meeting and had fun touring! But she told me some disappointing news. She had gone to the workshop earlier in the morning to get her dad a Kuddly Koala and there were no pandas on sale at the moment. They were out of stock, and they didn't know exactly when they would get new shipments. They would either get it in July, or possibly later that day since new shipments came on Mondays. The chance of getting shipments on that day was pretty low, though.

After the tour, we went to the Build-a-Bear Workshop. I really didn't expect to find a panda there, so I just went ahead to look at the clothes.

Then, my daddy said, "Bianca, look! There are pandas!"

I thought he was just referring to a panda on display, but when I went to look at the bin for Pawsome Pandas, I saw a heap of black and white fur! They had gotten the shipments! I was overjoyed!

"Karissa! Karissa! Karissa! They got the paaandas!!" I exclaimed.

We couldn't sit still. We were jumping up and down with big grins. She was very happy for me, and I was very happy too. I picked out a panda and proceeded to make it. After the heart ceremony, I registered my new friend and chose its name:

Bonnie Miracle!

However, I didn't put Miracle in the birth certificate. Bonnie was a name I had thought up for a long time, and I thought it was very cute. I chose Miracle as a middle name because I thought it was a miracle that they actually got the shipments in. Now my HK Lacy has a new sister. I love Bonnie!
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my bear is the pink kisses for you teddy i love her and i sleep with her i take her where ever i go around in my house i made sure i have in in buildabearville to i named her Laurel she is my first and only build a bear and i just simply love her !

P.S. i forgot to type this in my other post i love pink !!! and hearts !!!! and she is pink with hearts !!! my avatar is my bear !!! LOL

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Congratulations to all the winners!
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