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Default Suggestions for BABV

Ok, so I want to make a suggestions list of our ideas for BABV. No chatting, just ideas. I want to keep this clean. And please don't copy an idea.

My Idea(s)

At Bear University, instead of going into a classroom, how about instead walking in, and there is a hallway! With Lockers and stuff, and different rooms! Science Room (original classroom), Math, Social Studies, Lunch room, and the new Gymnasium! And in the library, you can go down different hallways and stuff.

You can swim in the pool! Just click on a certain part and your character will jump in and swim around. And, you can go to the waterfall! Click on a tree near the creek going through the FF Entrance and your character will hike upstream until the waterfall!

At Sunshine Shores, you can ride the motor boat thingy out on the ocean! Everyone gets one! You click on it and ride out to the Beach house on and island and party!

So, everyone share your ideas!
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I want the whole screen to be bigger when on BABV. Like it looks when you log in to play - that BIG! That would be so much better.
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For instant chat, I would like to use key words so we can communicate better and faster.
Like for instance it you want to say something about your condo, you just type in condo and all the sentences with condo come up. Or Maxine, type Maxine and all the sentences with Maxine come up. ETC.............. Get it? We should just be able to type in key words and then choose which sentence we want. OK here is an example:
Key word: MOVIE (type) (type) (type)

Have you seen the new movie.
I would like a movie and popcorn.
There is a new movie at the theater!
Please sit down in the movie theater

Get it? Maxine said It is supposed to be set up this way but IDK. Still very complicated.
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