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We shouldn't email Maxine; She is really busy with other things.
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View Post Originally Posted by whisperwolf
People still find ways around that. They just create a code like using 'won' for the number 'one', 'too' for 'two' and so forth. I've seen kids give out their ages and phone numbers on places like that, and they still find ways to flirt or harass (although we can thankfully block people who annoy us too much!) I think it won't happen. Although I suspect a way of making secret friends with people you know in real life will happen eventually.
You are so right!They dated by going who wants to go out with me,I almost wanted to throw up when i saw that behavior and once my mom saw that and she went WOW What are kids learning these days,WAIT,I bet those are ADULTS!is what she said

View Post Originally Posted by COOkIErocks:D
Well..I guess you are right. Actually, you are right. Lol. But why did they even decide to close it?
My sister and me were sending and sending reports about ppl that went who wants to go out with me,Those people were sorta well and also they were making families which i think is really bad since we have a great family in real life,also when they do family thing they act like they choose a wife kids sons UGH terrible i didnt like the way they used open chat back then IM GLAD!They have Safe Chat!
View Post Originally Posted by whisperwolf
The main reason Open Chat was removed was because of safety issues for minors. It is too easy for someone to abuse Open Chat and for minors to give out personal information. I have seen this happen on every virtual site that allows a form of open chat. Especially on VMK, which was a similar community to BABV.

Most minors do not have the discernment skills necessary for open online communties. It leads to bad or harmful decisions such as harassment, flirting, or giving out personal info. None of us knows for sure who is sitting on the otherside of the computer from another character, unless you know the person in real life. All of us need to be careful out there!

Anyway, though I miss the freedom of open chat, I am reluctant to beg for it back. I think if and when Maxine and the coders are ready to return it, they will (or won't).
I played VMK also i like the way you responded GOOD JOB! :]:thum bup:
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View Post Originally Posted by BearVilleInsiderRules
no like webkinz in the trading room...... like they put the words you cant say in red and unless you change it into something nice you can say it!!!??? Are u guys with me!!!????
It was like that before. Plus, I made a petition on BI to bring back open chat, and it got closed because...well I don't remember why . It was right after they announced IC. But I am with you guys all the way because I really want open chat back!!!
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While we appreciate your desire to have Open Chat returned, we prefer to not have any efforts organized on our forum. If people feel strongly about a certain issue, I would hope they would know to send in an email on their own. Thanks.
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