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Default Making all nations celeBEARate!

I was, thinking. BV should celebrate more world events! Here are some ideas:

Burns Night!
Nation: Scotland

Name: Scottish Bear
Description: A bear in red, green and black tartan with matching hat.
PSI: Scottish Bed, Kilt and bagpipes wallpaper and 3,000 BB.

Scottish Table
Kilt Tartan Rug
Bagpipes Rug
Scotland Map
Bagpipes Band Poster
Scotland Flag

Lumbear Yard!
Scots room
Scots House Exterior


Go to Waterfall Lake on Burns Night for a party! When entering, you get a Scots Hat! Come and see Scots Bear, see a Bagpipes Band LIVE, click on a haggis stall to get haggis for your 'Moves And Food', click on the bagpipes band to get a Bagpipes Move and much more!

Chinese New Year!
Nation: China

There's always a Year Of The....... Bear. That could be the bear.

China Food Table
China Map
China Flag
Giant Paper Dragon
Chinese Script Wall Hanging

Lumbear Yard!
Dragon House Exterior
Chinatown Room

Year Of The....... Outfit
China Flag Vest

Click on the camera in town square on actual Chinese New Year to see the Dragon going through BV. Click on Pawlette to get a China Hat!

Nation: Brazil

Name: Peacock
Description: A blue bear with an orange beak and removable wings.
PSI: Peacock Feather Bed, Peacock Wallpaper and 3,000 BB
Official Clothes: 'Oh Feathers! It's Festivale!' Jumper and Jeans

And, to link with the title theme, this bear'll be sold worldwide.

Peacock Feather Table
Peacock-Shaped Lights
Brazil Map
Peacock Statue
Brazil Flag Poster
Festivale Feast Table
Carnival Float
Festivale Banner
Peacock Feather Rug

Lumbear Yard!
Peacock House Exterior
Festivale Dining Room
Festivale Float House Exterior

Peacock Outfit
Brazilian Flag Vest
Peacock Hat

On the actual day of Festivale, you could click on a camera in Town Square and you'll see floats and stuff coming through Town Square and round BV! At the end, click on Bearemy to get a Brazilian Flag to Hold!

Pancake Day!
Nation: Britain

Name: Pancake Bear!
Description: A yellowish brownish bear covered in little pancakes and pancake toppings. Comes with a choice of mini plush pancake topping! Or, buy all 5 plush toys for £1 or $1!
PSI: Pancake bed, pancake wallpaper and 3,000 BB
Official clothes: Pancake outfit and white trainers w/ pancake rim.
And, to link with the title 'theme', this will be sold worldwide.

Pile Of Pancakes
Selection of Toppings
Pancake TV
Pancake Sofa

Lumbear Yard
Pancake house exterior
Pancake on the plate room

Pancake Outfit
Pancake Vest w/ British flag in Background

And, on Pancake Day, you could see huge piles of pancakes round BV! Click on Bearemy to get a Pancake Hat!

Canada Day!
Nation: Guess. (Canada is right, of course!)

Name: Canada Flag Bear
Description: A bear with the Canadian flag on it.
PSI: Canadian Bed, Canada flag wallpaper and 3,000 BB
Official clothes: Canada Tee, classic jeans and Canada trainers.

Of course, this bear will be sold worldwide.

Bottle of Maple Syrup
Canada flag poster
Totem Pole
Canada Map
Canadian trout
Campfire and fish
Canada Bed
Canada Sofa

Lumbear Yard!
Canada flag house exterior
Canada room

Totem Pole Outfit
Canada Flag Vest

On Canada Day, there could be Canadian decorations round BV! And, when clicking on Bearemy, you could get a Canadian Hat!

4th Of July!
Nation: USA

The bear will be the Star Style Teddy. It will be changed, though and sold worldwide.

Bottle of Ketchup
Bottle of mustard
Bottle of mayo
Hot dog
Hot dog stall
USA flag poster
Statue Of Liberty
USA map
USA bed
USA sofa
USA flag poster w/ burger in foreground

Lumbear Yard!
Skyscraper House Exterior
New York Room

The fireworks will come and you'll get 50 BB every time you see them! Also, click on Bearemy to get a Fourth Of July Rug!

If you can think of more, just post!

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