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Default A Perfect Night for Mystery

I stood back, fingering the crumpled sign-up sheet in my hand. I crumpled it some more, folded it and clasped it firmly in my hand.

'You know, you should really move up the queue!' spat a boy behind me.

'I will - when there is enough room to move up,'' I replied sharply.

I noticed that the gel keeping his hair from sticking up was failing miserably.
Clumps of hair stood up straight and other parts looked wet with gel. I couldn't help but smirk.

I was coming up very close to the entrance of the camp and there was no sign of my friends. My heart pounded and pounded until finally I saw the crowd split into two as my friends swarmed through clumsily.

'Hey, we're so sorry about that! You see, Gemma here, forgot her suitcase and her handbag on the train! We had to go back and then look for it all around the station. Luckily this kind woman had picked it up and had left it with the driver. We phoned the number for lost items and we managed to get all the stuff back. And boy, are we tired! ' gabbled Victoria.

She always had a mouthful to say, even in the most inappropriate situations. For example, in maths class, the teacher asked her what a maths problem was, and instead of just answering it - she explained how she got the answer and corrections for the teacher to make to the advice she was giving the class.

Gemma held up the bag and suitcase as though I didn't believe her. I sighed and nodded sympathetically. We all trailed through the queue until at last we were at the cabin.

'Now, campers - you will all be placed in 4 teams - which will be decided shortly. You will then take part in a series of activities throughout the day to get you used to what it's like here at Trescanny Camp,' announced the camp leader, Mrs Straw.

'I hope we're in the same team,' I whispered to Gemma. She was my best friend out of all of the girls but this was a secret between me and her.

'Me too,' she agreed.

We were all then lead out to a bridge which split into four sections, almost like a tree. I gulped as I got given a white tee-shirt with orange stripes. I looked around nervously.

'Gemma, we're in the same team!' I cried, hugging her. Then, Tina and Helen joined us too. We all began to jump up and down with excitement.

I put my camp tee-shirt over my other tee-shirt and so did the other girls. We walked over with our camp leader, Kaleigh to our cabin.

'Now, remember not to be silly and ruin the camp,' she smiled sweetly.

'Okay!' we all nodded. The cabin door slammed shut and I looked around. 4 more people were in the cabin. One girl was messing with her fingernails, the other twiddling her hair. One girl was humming quietly to herself - but the last girl interested the rest of the girls a lot.

She had very short, brown hair and held a stuffed animal in her hand. She looked about 13 and was carrying a tiny suitcase that Tina would call 'fit for her lipstick collection.' She was very quiet and reserved.

'She looks awesome!' whispered Tina.

'I wonder if she likes swimming!' asked Helen.

'Cool beans!' said me and Gemma in unison.

But somehow nobody knew what this girl was really like.
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I love this please do more
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That was awesome (:
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