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Cool Avengers: the Young Ones

For 20 years, all has been peaceful in New York after Loki was defeated. Relationships have formed, marriages have happened, and children-the next Avengers-have been born.

But in a world where no evil threatens the current times, the heroes have grown lax, their powers fading. And their children, the next helm, have no idea of the world their parents came from, or how they almost sacrificed their lives.

But now Loki is back, and the Avengers who barely defeated Loki before are now too weak to fight. But they do have one hope: their children, who have been informed of their parent's legacy. They have a lot to learn, but they have enough spark to do it. However, will Loki's trickery and (teenage) problems get in their way? Only time can tell...


My Character:
Name: Elsa Foster
Age: 15
Parent(s): Thor and Jane Foster
Appearance: long blonde hair, light blue eyes. Freakishly tall, like Thor. She speaks in an old-fashioned, country way, like a mix of her father and country. She lives with her family in her mom's hometown most of the time, but she visits New York in the summer to see all of her friends who are fellow children of the Avengers.
Personality: sweet and soft-spoken, but when she gets angry, she GETS angry. She tries to be the level-headed one in her crazy human group of friends, but even she gets angry.
History: Lives in the small one-horse town her mom grew up in. She loves her family, and the tales her father tells about Asgard and his battle against Loki. She has never told her parents, but on late stormy nights, she finds a power that isn't normal...
Power: can control the snow, rain, and wind. has a deadly lightning power that causes a flash of heat that can paralyze enemies, and has a rain that can soothe some of the most awful injuries.

1. Keep it PG folks. Just come on.
2. Write at least one line per post, and try to reply as much as you were written.
3. Be courteous. There may be in-game fights/feuds, but be respectful out of character.
Closed Thread
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