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Exclamation §The Prairie Eagles§ Seasonal Camp

Hi Everyone,

I'm opening a camp §The Prairie Eagles§ called we'll be opening the camp every seasons and every years and months so we're going to do seasonal stuff for each season. We're now on Spring so we'll do some fun activities so now you can look up to our section to read more about our camp and even some more details.
1.)BABV Name:
2.)BI Name:
3.)Time Zone (Please list the correct time zone):
4.)What Team Do You Want To Be In?:
5.)What Bunk Do You Want To Be In (I'll put you in that available bunk if it's possible if not I'm going to choose for you):
Team Name For Games and Activities (etc.)
You'll get to choose a team and then if it's possible and fair I'll put you in that team if it's not really fair I'll choose for you don't worry we'll switch team when sometime per 2 or 3 month.
The Eagles ( wear any ORANGE
shirt or dress )
The Prairie Dogs ( wear any PURPLE shirt or dress )
The Flamingos ( wear any PINK shirt or dress )
The Peacocks ( wear any RED or DARK RED color shirt or dress )
The Coyotes ( wear any YELLOW shirt or dress )
The Rainbow Trouts ( wear any BLUE shirt or dress )
The Raccoons ( wear any BLACK or BROWN shirt or dress )
That's all the team we'll change the team name in a year or 5 or 6 months.
Bunk Names and Places:
SunnyMay2 (ILikePanda) will able to share her Beach Front Home and her Condo with us so we're having 3 original house with one beautiful ones which is the Beach Front Home. If you want to share your condo as a bunk please VM me and I'll add it to the list.

SusanVanilla3 ( TinnaTinh )'s Condo
= Bunk of Furbulous ( 2 spot left )
SunnyMay2 ( ILikePanda )'s Condo= Bunk of Friendship ( 0 spot left )
SunnyMay2 ( ILikePanda )'s Beach Front Home= Bunk of Beach Beauty ( 0 spot left )

I'm really sorry that we don't have enough bunk for everyone if we ran over 15 peoples for the camp but if it's over 15 I think someone have to donate their condo for share or they can just stay in their own condo or they could sign off during the rest time if they don't want to stay on in any bunk. I'm sorry.
Is this camp free or not?
Of course, It's free whoever heard of a virtual camp that you need to pay virtual money for? If you do it's too impossible.
Do I really need to share a bunk?
Of course no because if you want to stay quite you can stay in your cub condo, go browsing around town, or you can sign off when we have bunk time for resting.
What do I do if I have a schedule change and I can't come?
Then I guess you have to miss that activity and wait until we make a redo for next year. It's okay if you miss a day of the camp because I understand that you might have some family issues, school issues, and etc.
What if it's too late in my time zones time?
Don't worry Me and ILikePanda will schedule a neutral time for everyone.
Donations for anything ex. Bunk
Hey if you want to make anything in our Camp better you can donate something to us and your team will get a point for your reputation.
1.)BI Name:
2.)BABV Name:
3.)What are you donate this item for?:
4.)What item is it?:
5.)Schedule when you want to give it to us:

I would dearly Thank you for the donations that you make for us.
Spring Time Activities List ( will have changes )
.Fashion Shows
.Some Studies Trip
.Camp Out
.Best Move Contest
Much More............
April 24, 2009:
Have a Fashion Show inside the Performing Art Center meet inside the Performing Art Center we'll wait 5 minutes for peoples to arrive at Region Asia Den Bear Bridge 3:30 PM PACIFIC TIME (please look at the conversion chart to figure out your time).You'll need 3 outfits for Spring Time Theme and you'll be calling by the order of the members list we have.
Member List:--------------Status:--------Point:
TinnaTinh-------------Hoster-------------0 point (Hoster)-(Susanvanilla3's Cub Condo)
ILikePanda---------Sponsor------------0 point (The Prairie Dogs)-(Sunnymay2's Cub Condo)
Pink&PurleGirl--------Member-----------0 point (The Prairie Dogs)-(Beach Front Home)
HannahDaceBear213-Member--------0 point (The Prairie Dogs)-(Beach Front Home)
HannahHoneyDe70-Member------o point (The Peacocks)-(Beach Front Home)
KitkatPatel-----Member------0 point (The Peacocks)-(Beach Front Home)
StarrBalletBear---Member--0 point (The Raccoons)-(SunnyMay2's Cub Condo)
jadesugarsweet9-Member---0 point (The Flamingos)-(SusanVanilla3's Cub Condo)
daphnebeardiva12-Member-0 point (The Prairie Dogs)-(SusanVanilla3's Cub Condo)
SabrinaAdventureBear381-Member-0 point (The Eagles)-(Beach Front Home)
RachelBearDiva161--Member--0 point (The Flamingos)-(SunnyMay2's Cub Condo)
randomgirl-----Member-0 point (The Raccoon)- (SunnyMay2's Cub Condo)
scoodi-----Member--0 point (The Raccoon)-(SunnyMay2's Cub condo)

If you want to find us to play games or talk please look at our Den Tracker:
SusanVanilla3 (TinnaTinh): Not On
SunnyMay2 (ILikePanda): Not On
Time Conversion Table:
Click the image to open in full size.
Thank You Dearly,


Our Sponsor,

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsor!
And A Thank You to YOU!

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