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Default Who are the Special Guests

MaxineBearyLucky - is Maxine in human form. She is on the most frequent of the guests, making random visits. She has the ability to ask to be your friend and ask you to trade and you can click on her to ask her. In her trades are older items that she has given out, so if you've missed anything, it's a good time to get something. She also has other rare items, like the cancer necklace that everyone wants.

MaxineClarkCEB - is Maxine in bear form. She is the one who sweeps thru on random visits with a new gift and if you have not received the gift, when you enter the area she's in, your account will trigger and you will get the gift whether you see her or not. She never used to trade but now she does have the ability to ask you to trade and also she will ask you to be her friend. You can not click on her to trade or be friends. Lately, the gifts have been monthly. Earlier months, there was no frequency.

ChloeRocks - trusted worker of BABW - comes in girly form with an orange pony tail. She sweeps thru randomly, and monthly, gives a new gift. Again, if you arrive in the area that she's in, your account will trigger that you have not received the gift and you will get it, whether you see her or not. She does NOT make friends and she does NOT trade. You can NOT click on her. So she is impossible to track.

Shea Megale - is a special 13 year old girl who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 2 and must ride in a wheelchair. She is always accompanied by her Canine Companion for Independence, a beautiful black lab named Mercer. BABW ran a special program from April 25 - May 31, 2008 "Build a dog, build a friendship" BABW donated money to SMA & CCI. Shea and Mercer - as virtual characters, Shea in a motorized wheelchair and Mercer in the sidecar, made 3 visits to BABV, all in April. If you were in the area where Shea was, your account triggered and you received a special Mercer emoticon. She had major surgery on Aug 4th, to correct severe scoliosis and will NOT be appearing in BABV anytime soon, despite what the kids keep saying. She has a blog and they can go there to chat with her, but they are only looking for a gift.

Cybearguides - are there to help and answer questions. Before the safe chat, they used to do storytelling and play games with the citizens. Guides do NOT trade, but you can add them as a friend. Guides used to be on when Maxine is on, but now she seems to come alone most of the time. Guides are usually on when Chloe is on. But Guides do come on alone, when no guests are on.

MiguelSunshine- MiguelSunshine first made his appearance during the 2009 Green Tracks Quest (Note- He is NOT Green Tracks (Gray Animal that stands by the door of the Recycling Center.) He's recently joined Maxine and Chloe on there tours around Build-A-Bearville. He has also been seen in Camp Happy Heart (2009) and the Scavenger Hunt of 2009. So far, we aren't sure if MiguelSunshine will come around with Maxine and Chloe after camp. He wears a Black-Long Sleeved T-Shirt With a Green Tie. He does give out Monthly Gifts.
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