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Default SheHawk's Blog ~*~ The Lone Wolf

Lol, I wanted to start a Build A Bear blog. X3
NOTE ~ I don't actually have the Gray Wolf, but I'm gunna get one soon, so this will be her story.

SheHawk = Purple
Me = Black
Velvet = Brown
Cloverfeild = Green
Mumble = Orange

Okay, now let's begin!

SheHawk's Begining ->
Spoiler: show

In days before the sun met with the moon in a tundrum there was a pack of wolfs. Of the many Wolfs there was one name Namee (Na-MEE). She was a lesser female, she was not looked on as a powerful leader, nor a hunter. The alpha female was name flammont (flaa-mont). She hated Namee. So when she heard news that Namee was going to have a child she was enraged. She expelled her from the pack forever. So since she had no power she had to leave. After months of roaming the desert like forest she had her child. She named her SheHawk, which from her pack meant free one. After a few weeks Namee could no longer take care of SheHawk, and she passed away. Ever since SheHawk has been alone. Wandering the land, but this changed one day...

Day 1 ~*~
The ground this burning hotter than the sun. I haven't had water in two days. I'm slowly think my end is near, if I can't find my way out of this waste land of thorns and branches. I can't see why this is here. It's...It''ssss....*Falls over*
I've been flying over this desert for three hours. I can't figure out why I'm doing this. I don't know why I was sent to look for someone, or something out here. I also don't get why I'm in a plane either. I'm so confused. Wait! Wait! I see something! I see something!!
"Hey Mumble, can we land over there? *points at gray lump* I think it's a Husky!"

"Uh sure, I guess..."
I'm confused. Why would a Husky be out here? I mean it just doesn't make sense. Oh well. *lands plane near the "Husky"*

*Walks over by the "Husky"* Hey Mumble, this doesn't look like a husky to me....
Hey, yeah your right. It looks more like a....a...wolf than a husky. Just to be sure, let's load it up into the plane and put it in the back. *Picks up "Husky" puts over shoulder and puts into plane*

Day 2 ~*~

I'm running, running, but it's still behind me. I can't lose it. I've I stop I know it'll get me! No! No! NOOOOOOOOOO!
I wake up with a jump. I'm not in the desert anymore. Actually I'm not sure where I am. It's all white, and I'm...I'm covered in strange tube things. I start to try to break free of these strange tubes, but they're strong. I start to bite them, to try to cut them. I still can't. I start to thrash around. I start to shout. No luck. I scream and shout. I scream for help, that I'm lost and I need to get out of here, but no one comes. I trash and slam myself on the cold white walls. After doing this repeatedly I break free. But now what? I look around for some way out but there's nothing. It's just just an empty room....

Wait! What's that? Coming in from the top? It's all green and...and...funnnnyyyy.....Suddenly...I feellllll...reallllyyy....sleep...sleepy.*clasps onto floor*

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Nice blog :]
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Interesting story..........good idea!
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