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Old 09-14-2009, 11:52 PM
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Default Still Not Finished Please Cover Your Eyes***

Finished!!!! LOOK HERE! Good Luck PPL!
Finished!!!! LOOK HERE! Good Luck PPL!
Don't Forget To Look At The Picture Story!!!!!!
Don't Forget To Look At The Picture Story!!!!!!
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

The Story In Case The Text Is To Difficult To Read:
Spoiler: show
Good Times and Forever Times
Ethan Everybear was a very nice boy who was an only child and lived with his parents; the only problem was that his parents had just told him they were going to move because of his father’s job! Ethan was very disappointed because he would have to move away from his school, his friends, and his neighborhood. Ethan’s dad told him to be strong though; he would make new friends, go to a new school, and meet new people. Ethan knew he could do this and he also knew he had to be brave for his dad who was being transferred to a new city because of his work with the BNN. Ethan, though very sad, wished all his friends good bye they even had a Good-Bye Party for him at his school and then it was finally time to go.
Ethan’s dad, Edward had told him that the city they were moving to was called Build-A-Bearville. Ethan thought this city sounded very exciting because his father told him he would be going to a special school where you needed a “furry friend” the most Ethan Had guessed of that was that it would some sort of pet. His mom Jane assured him that he would like it very much. On the way to the new house Edward, Ethan’s dad told him that they would be stopping first to get his “furry friend”. Ethan was so excited he was finally going to see his new pet, he had never had a pet, and it also cheered him up as he was still a bit upset.
After driving on the road for about two hours a sign that said “Now Entering Build-A-Bearville” came into sight. Suddenly Ethan got nervous he wasn’t sure what to expect but as his parents drove through the pretty streets Ethan got his confidence back and decided that this was going to be a really great place to live at!
Finally his dad parked in a crowded lot and said to Ethan, “Well Eth, it’s time to get your furry friend!” Ethan got nervous again but this time it was because he was excited and didn’t really know how to show it. As the family walked around the corner Ethan’s mouth dropped.
Inside kids his own age and other people that were older and younger than him were making “furry friends.” They weren’t pets as Ethan had supposed, they were...they were...they were friends! Everyone was making their very own friends in the shapes of unique animals. They also got to pick clothes for them, and pick their names! Ethan was overwhelmed!
He rushed in with his mom and dad and looked along a shelf where the bears were he looked very closely at each of them and then finally decided which one touched his heart! It was the cutest most wonderful bear his eyes had ever seen! It was called the Lil’ Honey Cub. One of the associates who worked there helped Ethan fill his bear with fuzzy, soft cotton, then add a heart to it so it could come to life, and then finally stitch it up! As soon as the last string was tied Ethan’s bear sprang to life! Then it said, “Hello Ethan I am your new furry friend, what will you name me?” Ethan thought about it for a long time and then he said, “Your name will be...Felix!” Ethan had once heard a teacher say that Felix was a name that meant happiness and prosperity and he sure wished that that was the way his time in Build-A-Bearville was heading.
Once Felix got a name it was time for Ethan to pick his clothes out. Ethan was wearing a Black and gray striped hoodie and some black pants. He was also wearing Black canvas high tops so he decided to dress Felix the most similar as possible. He didn’t find a black and gray hoodie but he did find a gray and navy blue one which was probably as close as he could get, then Ethan found some black pants and black canvas high tops that he would’ve thought had been his if they weren’t so small. Ethan’s dad told him that the special school he had been enrolled in allowed furry friends to go to his school with him and they were taught alongside their friends. Ethan decided to get him special school supplies then since Felix would be going to school with him.
Once Ethan’s parents paid for everything they drove to the new house, Ethan and Felix were the only ones who hadn’t seen it yet. Ethan’s dad had bought the house and Ethan’s mom Jane had been to the house with a special decorating team to make it perfect. When they got there Ethan felt so happy he loved the new house, so many good things were happing all in one day! He just hoped everyday would be like this! Ethan and Felix shared a room and it was perfect! It had a wonderful view of the backyard where his mother had set a whole playground! His house was at least twice as big as his old house but Ethan was sure it would soon fill up. Even through all the excitement Ethan and Felix were very tired so they went to bed in their double-bunk. They had to rest because they had to wake up early to go to school the next day!
Apparently Ethan and Felix had a great time at school because they came home very content. Ethan had made a bunch of new friends at his new school and so had Felix! They loved their classes and they loved sharing them! They also learned a lot about the history of the city and spent a lot of time wandering around and discovering many places! Ethan and Felix’s favorite place ended up being the Coffee House because they could get the best hot chocolates and muffins in the universe! There they could talk, play, hang out, and most importantly spend time with each other because they were now Best Friends! Yup BFF...forever!

It was Ethan’s world! B-A-B-V, Family, Felix!

Don't Forget To Look At The Picture Story!!!!!!
Don't Forget To Look At The Picture Story!!!!!!
Picture Story:

Spoiler: show

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

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i think Ethan should get the wwf gray wolf.
he should get the striped hoddie and straight leg pants Click the image to open in full size.

The Story
In the morning Ethan woke up.That morning was so beauitful and bright.Ethan yawned and got out of this sleeping bag. he was so exicted that his parents brought him camping for the first time. Ethan quickly got his clothes on and went for a walk up the hill."Everythings so beautiful" Ethan thought.While he was walking he heard something in the trees. Ethan jumped! "Who's there" he said very scared. Then Ethan saw a gray wolf. He couldn't believe it.Ethan stepped closer and closer to the wolf.
When the wolf saw him he ran into the bush.
"It's ok I won't hurt you"Ethan said.
The wolf came out of the bush. "Hello I'm Star" the wolf said.
"I'm Ethan. Why are you here"asked Ethan.
"I got lost while I was with my family and now I'm far away from them."said Star very sadly.
"Want to be in my furry friend and a part of our family" asked ethan
"I would love to be your furry friend and be part of your family"said Star smiling.
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Click the image to open in full size.
Type of cat: Kooky Spooky Kitty
Name: Midnight
Outfit: Black Karate Bear outfit (1 credit from the Bearville Outfitters)
Ethan's new bear
Ethan had just been accepted into the Bearville University which was his dream! He was so pleased since it was hard to get into! There was one problem- he needed a furry friend! Ethan didn't have one already so two days before classes started he went to Build a Bear Workshop. Ethan gasped at the choice of animals. There was so many! Finally he chose a dark purple cat and named him Midnight. Midnight was dressed in a karate outfit with a black belt. When he went to pay the bear behind the desk said he would have to wait until tomorrow since the store was just closing! Ethan gave them his address and trudged home. When he went to BABW the next day Midnight was gone! Staff said he escaped in the night! He went home, trying not to look upset. But what a surprise he got when his Mum pulled a dark purple furry thing out! It was Midnight! His Mum had persuaded the staff to give her him just before the store closed! Ethan was so happy and him and Midnight hugged and ran off to play!
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The contest closes tonight at 11:59 PM ET, so if you haven't entered yet, be sure to get your entry submitted before then
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Default Markbrown21's Contest Entry! :D

I think his furry Friend should be 40cm Bearemy® or Mini Bearemy
40cm Bearemy Price: £15.00

Click the image to open in full size.

Mini Bearemy (25cm) (comes with animal ID & KeyCode!) £6.00

Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

The LHP top = 1 Credit
The Jeans = 1 Credit
Shoes = They are FREE when you bring a furry friend to life!
Bought at BearvilleOutfitters Located in the BABV town Square
Yellow Backpack 1000 Bearbills.
Name: Smiley (in the story i just wrote Little Bear LOL!)
__________________________________________________ ____________

The Story on how they met: (Ethan's BIG Adventure!)

It was A cold and frosty night in Build-A-Bearville. Ethan was walking along the town square when suddenly a big GUST of wind swept the streets of Build-A-Bearville! All the shops were recked! Ethan was shocked!

Click the image to open in full size.

"Maybe i should go and Speak to Pawlette Coufur." So ethan went to speak to Pawlette here is what she said :

Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

So Ethan began walking around Build-A-Bearville helping everyone.
He then begun to get very tierd! "PHEW i need a seat!" he said. So Ethan sat down at the skate park Then he looked round and he saw a little bear stuck on the skate ramp crying

Click the image to open in full size.

Ethan thought to himself "I gotta help that poor little bear!" Ethan raced over and gently carried the little bear down to the ground. Then the little bear said "WOW thank you beary much!" Ethan replied "Oh no problem, where are your parents?" The little bear said "Oh i do not have any yet no one has Made me their furry friend (awww ) " Ethan said "oh dear that sounds beary sad!" The little bear said "Yes , it is i got blew away from BuildabearWorkshop because of the storm." Ethan replied "Don't worry little bear i have an idea! how about you come be my Best Ever friend forever? it will be really fun! i will always love and care for you and be your beary best friend!" The little bear said " Wow that is very kind of you and it is a pawsome idea! i would like that beary much!" Ethan said "YAY! okay but first we need to help Pawlette because we need to finish helping fix Build-A-bearville!" The little bear said "Ok let's go!" So Ethan and the bear danced around Build-A-bearville fixing and cleaning and playing they were having so much fun together after a few hours the were finished so the went back to pawlettle and told her they were done! Pawlette said: "Oh thank you so beary much Ethan! Oh i see you have found a new friend!" Ethan said "Yes he was stuck on the skate ramp so i helped him down! and i decied to be his Best friend for ever and ever! Pawlette says: "Aww that's so pawsome and very sweet! thank you so much for helping us Here you go :"

Click the image to open in full size.

Ethan said "Thanks come little bear let's go!"
The End.

(P.S. Notice im dressed like ethan )
(Please DONT steal ANY of this as i worked VERY VERY hard on it!)

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I Chosed the Husky for my entry:

Click the image to open in full size.


So Sequin Outift (Shirt shown only above) - 1 Store Credit
Cargo Pants - 1 Store Credit
Beary Turf Shoes - 1 Store Credit
Classic Baseball Hat - 1 Store Credit

Total: 4 Store Credit

How Ethan and his Furry Friend met:

Introduction "The Huskys Past":

A long time ago when the husky was born many of the husky's sisters and brothers was borned too.
Their human keepers said "There's too many puppies we're going to have to let some of them up for adoption."
Some of the husky's sisters and brothers were adopted,the husky was one of the lucky ones to stay.
Few years later the human keepers put every puppy except one puppy up for adoption unluckily the husky was not the one staying.
So after seeing his brothers and sisters gone away he ran away too scared,looking for a place to hide.

Continued "Beginning of a friendship - How Ethan met his new furry friend"

Days later,
the husky was starving and thirsty and fell asleep.
Luckily someone saw him and took him to his house,it was Ethan.
The husky woked up so grateful so in returned he licked Ethan.
Ethan took cared of the husky and they became the best of pals.
Etahn never got the time to name the husky but until this day he finally founded a name for the husky,he said "I am glad that I saw you on the street.You are so lucky you know that?"
How "Lucky" the husky is,so the husky name was Lucky. Now here's a bond that you can never break apart, they will be the best of pals forever - A friend and a furry friend.

[Story made by me]
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Default Contest!

Note-The street names I used are not real street names.
Animal-Kooky Spooky Kitty

The remaining leaves that still clung close to their branches were soon swept away and into the night as they danced down Bear Boulevard. Ethan EveryBear let out a wistful sigh as he realized that his favorite season of fall was quickly coming to an end. "I wish fall could last just one more day" Ethan quietly thought to himself. "Halloween has already past and every leaf has abandoned their tree. It won't be long before snow covers the ground and my mom makes me put on those hideous puffy jackets." As Ethan turned onto Stuff St. he thought he heard a little voice, crying for help. Ethan laughed at his foolishness. Of course there was no one out here besides him. After all, it was late at night and starting to get cold, who else would take a walk? As Ethan continued to walk down Stuff St. he knew he heard the mysterious noise again. Only this time it sounded a little different. Ethan crouched down, the street light illuminating his body. Ethan stared intently at the pile of leaves that he thought he heard the noise escape from. "Meow", said the pile of leaves, followed by a loud rustling of leaves. Ever so slowly the leaves began to split apart, revealing a wide eyed kitten with purple fur. Ethan got up from his crouch, keeping his eyes glued to the kitten. Ethan could see that the kitten was scared and hungry. "Come here kitty, I won't hurt you" Ethan encouraged. Slowly, the purple kitten emerged from the safety of the pile of leaves.

"Hello" whispered Ethan. "What are you doing out so late? Shouldn't you be home; I bet your family is worried sick about you." The purple kitten blinked it's wide green eyes in response. As another cool breeze blew Ethan's way he huddled under his jacket and ran towards his nice warm house. When Ethan finally reached the steps of his house, he felt a furry animal brush his legs. Ethan was amazed when he looked down-the purple kitten followed him home! When Ethan picked up the small kitten he realized something surprising. The purple kitten had no collar! "Do you have no home?" questioned Ethan. The kitten meowed in response, rubbing her tiny head against his chest. Ethan could tell that the kitten really needed someone to love, needed a home to be in. "I have an idea, and I think you'll like it." said Ethan "You can stay in my house with a real family and...I have the perfect name for you." explained Ethan "I will call you Autumn because I found you on the last day of my favorite season."
Click the image to open in full size.Clothes-Ruffle Tie Dyed Outfit-1 credit
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I think Ethan mascot should be a endless hugs bear.
I think the bear's name should be Karima which means hill.

Outfit: Grass Shirt Outfit
Cost: 1 credit

Picture:Click the image to open in full size.

It was the last day of school. Ethan was so happy! He had no idea what he was going to do this summer. Ethan counted down the last few seconds of school. Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Schools out yelled ethan. Ethan jumped out of his seat. He decided to go over to his friend AngieArtistBear6's house. As he walked up to her house he could see her watering her flowers. Hi angie, what are you doing this summer he said. I'm going to the beach ethan, you should go to she replyed. Good idea Ethan said. The next morning ethan woke up early. He got ready to go to the beach. He walked to the beach. When he got there he put his towel on the ground. He notice a big hill of sand. He thought it would be fun to roll down the hill. He walked to the top of the hill, but before he could roll down he bumped into someone. It was a little bear. He and the bear became best friends. The little bear told ethan that she didn't have a owner or name, so ethan promised to take care of her. She loved to roll down sandy hills, so ethan named her Karima which means hill. Together, ethan and karima rolled down the hill.
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The contest is now closed.

It will take us a day or so to read through all the entries (and check all entrants for multiple IDs).

We will announce winners as soon as possible though

All of the entries are fantastic - everyone who entered did an amazing job!! Thank you all for taking the time to enter and share your creative side with us
Closed Thread
Membear Info


"everyone is a winner!", @-_-@<---monkey and gaby, aamberr wishes you luck, angel was here wit vaccum, ashleyluv2dance166 here!, awsomeness!, contest, contest rule!, cool contest entries!, crazykrystal was ere, enter enter enter!, everyone good luck!, everyone's a winner!, good luck everyone! :), good luck from olops!, good luck peeps!- misty61, ipaintmyselfgreen, jade waz here! :p, lol@dude, no winners or losers!, panda waz here, sally wuz here :], zoe was here bow wow bow!, ♥ fabouls12 says

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