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Old 09-02-2009, 07:10 PM
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Default BI September Contest!! Enter to win a WWF Wolf Code or Party Invite!

BI September Contest!!

Ethan, our BI Gift account, needs a furry friend to love

Click the image to open in full size.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows:

Pick any furry friend to be Ethan's mascot.

Dress the pet up in any clothing currently available for purchase in BABV, and provide a list of items and cost.

Provide an image (outfit can be on any pet in the image, not necessarily the one you choose for Ethan - virtual, not plushie).

Write a short story about how Ethan and his new furry friend met.

This thread will open on September 5th at 11:59 PM ET - giving everyone a few days to start thinking about their entry without seeing any others

Contest ends on September 15th at 11:59 PM ET


Grand Prize winner: selected from all entries, staff chosen.
Grand Prize: WWF Wolf Code

5 Runner's Up: selected from all qualifying entries, randomly selected.
Runner's Up Prize: Each will receive a Party Invite

Which Party invite? We don't know yet, LOL, whichever is the most popular choice in my poll when the contest ends

To qualify:

Post your entry as detailed above, and only have 1 BI account.

You may NOT copy any entry from this or any previous contest, including your own.

Good luck and have fun

(This message will self-destruct in 15 days)
Old 09-05-2009, 07:30 PM
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This is a multi part contest and
all of the parts are in post 1.

All entries must be posted on this thread.

Do NOT PM them to anyone.

View Post Originally Posted by VanessaMay18
Quick Question: Does the Furry friend have to be something that is currently available in stores?

The Furry Friend has to be currently available in BABV, with an open certificate. Jess
View Post Originally Posted by Elsbels
how do i show a picture of the furry friend with the clothes on if i don't have that bear to model???

Just go to BVO and take a screen shot of the furry friend in the catalog, without buying it. Jess
Old 09-06-2009, 01:00 AM
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Wink My Entry!

Here is my Entry :
Hope you like it!
Sorry if I did something wrong..

1.) I think Ethan's Furry friend should be..Brown Sugar Puppy 2,Because That dog/bear is beary cute and look like to be a good Ethan's buddy. The name should be Sugar or Buddy.Or you can name it.
 Click the image to open in full size.

2.) All of Sugar's cloth are from BVO in BABV.
Here is a list of it :

* Shirt : Peace Sign Tee = 1 Store credits. (Blue)
* Pant : Cargo Shorts = 1 Store credits. (Blue)
* Shoes : Sport Sandles = 1 Store credits. (Dark Blue)
* Accesories : None
= 3 Store credits.
(See pic. Below...)

3.) Here is a pic what should Sugar look like :
Click the image to open in full size.
(I use to put all the cloth together to see how he look with it)
4.) "How Ethan Met Sugar"
Ethan needs a Furry friend to love,He need to find a new buddy.Morning,Ethan went to Build a bear work shop to find a bear that he would like.First he saw a Lil Bearemy like the one that Teri has,Ethan decied to get that bear but before that,Ethan Saw a cute Brown Fur,Brown Sperkly eyes look at him,It's a Brown Sugar puppy2! Ethan was so happy Little sugar puppy was the one he looking for! He adopted and name it Sugar.He bought it a cloth,He hugs it,and they love each other.From BABW across town square through Ethan's new Cub condo.Sugar's new room was so Pawsome! Then right now,Ethan has a new Buddy to love and they're a good buddy for ever!

The End.

Hope you like my story!
and Good Luck Everyone!!!

-Thank you!,

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I think ethans pet should be a Portuguese water dog and the name will be lily

Click the image to open in full size.
Any color So sequined outfit bottom 1
Red Smocked legging outfit top 1
Black Leopard buckle flats 1
Total of 3 credits

I heard a sound

Ethan woke up to the sound of drumming. He new it was the carnival today. He was so excite and he called all his friends. They all joined him and had lots of fun. He played ring toss and went on the ferris wheel. Then Ethan went to play pawlette coufur's quest. Ethan was doing pawlette's quest. He was almost done when all of a sudden he saw something in the bushes. It was yelping and crying. It looked hurt. So he helped it out of the bushes. Then he remembered the story of my mothers puppy Shorty. Ethan loved that story. His mom said shorty was the only pet she had. He was loyal and brave. He reliezed this was a girl and he had no vet to take it to so he named it Lily and he went home. Ethan made a room for her and she wouldnt stop thanking him.

Ethan and Lily decide to go to the coffee shop. They had ice cream and cake. He got to be a JCB Guide and meet Maxine. She was very kind and nice. Ethan wished he could be friends with her. He would give up everything to do that. Ethan was hopping on his pogo stick when all of a sudden Maxine crashed into him and knocked him down. Lily got out while he was lying there. She had no idea what happened and she wasn't sure he'd be able to take care of her so she left so he didn't have to take care of her anymore.

Ethan woke up and was so worried about Lily. He was so upset that he began to cry. He told maxine and she said she couldn't help. So he went looking. He knew he would find Lily. Even if it took forever. He loved her so much. Even more than maxine. So he searched all over and then he searched all over again. Then all of a sudden he saw Mt. Bear. He went home and put his climbing stuff on. He climbed that mountain like never before. He was the first to even try to climb it. He almost had reached the top. Only 2 more steps and he would be there. Then he did what he had to do. He swung like a monkey and he got up and sure enough Lily was up there. He ran towards her and hugged her. He had her and thats all he needed.

The End

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Embroidered flower dress & pants- 1 credit
red shoes- 1 credit

Click the image to open in full size.

Ethan felt lonely and needed something warm and fuzzy to hug. He has no bear.


Ethan had an idea. He went to build a bear workshop and suddenly, his eyes saw a whole new world. A build-a-bear world. Which to choose? He could pick an owl, or a koala, he could name it Jane or Nala. One in particular caught his eye. A unicorn. Sure it was for girls, but who is there to judge? He hugged the Unicorn and named her Jezlin , a name just as unique as she is. The moment he hugged her, he knew she would grant all of his wishes, but most importantly, be there for him. Ethan smiled and looked at her sparkly pink face. He was a bit surprised when he thought he saw Jezlin smile.

p.s. sorry for the over-sized picture.

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~ I think the Owl should be Ethan's Furry Friend. He should be named "Hootie"
~ Here are Hootie's clothes
1. Guitar Set 1 credit
2. Saddle Shoes 1 credit
Total: 2 credits
Here's the pic:
Click the image to open in full size. P.S. Sorry it's on my Hello Kitty.
~ The Story of Ethan And Hootie: How They Met ~
One day, just as Ethan was coming back from basketball practice and was walking back home in the woods, when he felt a whoosh of wind. He was taken back by surprise. Ethan stammered, " W-w-who's t-t-there..?" He felt the wind again. Suddenly, THUMP! Ethan jumped. Then he started looking around everywhere. There were a pair of wide green eyes on the ground. Ethan looked more closely, and saw that it was actually an owl. It had fallen and was injured. Ethan took the owl home, cared for it, and named it Hootie. They became best friends.

The End~

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Old 09-06-2009, 01:34 AM
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1.I think it should be Bearemy! You choose the name.

2.All clothes are from BVO.
Shirt- USA Hug Freely Tee[in yellow is the best color!]; 1 Credit
Pants- Carpenter Pants[prefered black but any dull colors will do!]; 1 Credit
Shoes- Nessecarily Not Needed[sorry for spelling!]; 0 bearbills and 0 credits

3. Click the image to open in full size.

4. Ethan discovered about Build-A-Bear-Workshop from his friends. He had never had one while all his friends had. Fred had the Pudsey Bear from UK when he went traveling. Jessica had a Bearemy, Ethan always thought it was so cute. Ethan was walking in a shopping centre that Jessica told him about where she bought Bearemy. Ethan finally found BABW on Level 3, he went in, he looked around, he found a cute furry brown fur staring at him. It was a Bearemy! Ethan took it up, stuffed it with love, dressed it and gave it a name called Joe. They were friends forever!

Good luck everyone!

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I have one BI account, and if I did use the same idea as anyone else I am sorry, as I didn't really read alot of them.

I think that Ethan should get a Chocolate Bear Cub named Sensi Sweetie, just as sweet as he is.
(Everything Black)
Shirt and Pants: Karate Uniforn=1 Credit (BVO)
Shoes: Sport Sandals=1 Credit (BVO)

How they met...
"Congratulations, Ethan!" Boomed Sensi Bearemy.
Ethan gleamed with joy...he had just gotten his black belt in karate! Sensi was one of this favorite people in the world...he taught him karate, but also shoed him the world of Build-A-Bear. Sensi had a bear named Coco, a Chocolate Cub that Ethan had loved ever sense they met. But when Ethan saw Sensi Bearmemy hand him his own Chocolate Cub with a little karate suit just like his...he liked the Sensi Sweetie better then his belt :]

By the way, If I end up getting first place, please hand it to the second place winner...I don't need another Build-A-Bear...please, I'd rather give it so someone who would really enjoy it :]Click the image to open in full size.

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Pawsome Pony is the perfect furry friend for Ethan!

Store:Bearville Outfitters
cost: 1 store credit
Name of clothing:Baseball Uniform
-Baseball Uniform cap
-Baseball Uniform top
-Baseball Uniform bottom

Click the image to open in full size.

Ethan needed a luck charm to win the big baseball game
one Saturday morning,he went to Build a Bear Workshop
and saw a Pawsome Pony! he just loved how cuddly it was
and decided that he will make it his lucky pal because
friends are everywhere and they help each other. Ethan
took his pawsome pony dressed with the baseball uniform to the big game.
They won! hooray! Ethan couldn't be happier! It was one of his
favorite days! Ethan loved sharing this happy moment with his
best friend forever!
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Here is My Entry

Bear: Click the image to open in full size. (Sparkly Snow Leopard)
Name: Snowy
Outfit: Click the image to open in full size. (Guitar Set 1 Credit)
Accessories: Click the image to open in full size. (Gradient Sunglasses 1 Credit)
Shoes: None, You don't really need them and they had none to match the outfit.

~The Story~
Once upon a time there was a boy called Ethan, Ethan had always wanted to go to the build a bear workshop store but his aunt had always been to busy to take him. On the night of Ethan's Birthday He had asked for his aunt to take him to build a bear workshop the next day. In the middle of the night Ethan woke up to find a parcel at the end of his bed, he opened it excitedly but inside it was just a ordinary bear. Suddenly the bear grew into a Sparkly Snow Leopard, (Ethan's Dream). Ethan was delighted and the next morning his aunt had a very strange twinkle in her eye! This Story is credit to Anthony Browne I did not copy but I used some of his ideas.

I agree to the rules!

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Closed Thread
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