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Hey there! And welcome to BI! (Also known as Bearville Insider) You won't regret joining. I'm LuvNStuff, as you can tell, and I'll be glad to help you find your way around here!

Please begin by reading the 'Forum Rules'. They are beary important (and yes, we use bear words around here ) The 'Forum Rules' have rules such as- No personal information. Do not write in red or blue.- But rules are there for our safety, so please read them!

We have rankings in BI. You begin out as a knut (a baby polar bear) until you have posted more then 10 posts. You automatically become a polar bear then (but it might take some time.) When you have reach 100 non-fluff posts (non-fluff means helpful, fluff means things like- LOL! JK! No way, really?) you can apply to become a trading teddy. Trading teddies are privileged teddies who can trade in the trading den, and they also have to follow a special set of guidelines. After you have been a trading teddy for a while, you can apply to be a sage bear. A sage bear must have a score of 30 unique feedback (don't worry, this will all make sense when you become a trading teddy) and is considered the highest rank a 'bear' can get in BI. There are also moderators and administrators, who help monitor the site, and if you ever need help, they are they first person to contact!

If you ever just want to chat, then head over to the Coffee House! This place is just for silly chat. But remember, always to follow the rules. The DCT (Daily Chat Thread) lies in the Coffee House, and this is basically the only place where you can make non-sense posts. The 'Join The Club' section is a place where you can find people with your same interest, and basically talk about it all there! We also have a birthday section, but you may ONLY say the month and date of your birthday. Please do not say your age or the year you were born in. Also, please don't say your grade level, the rules are set for your safety. In the birthday section, you can wish people a happy happy birthday or you can make a thread for yourself (for your birthday of course XD)

You'll find absolutely everything you need to know about BABV (Build-A-Bearville) on BI, so take a tour around, and be sure to absorb it all!
Here are some abbreviations to help you around the forum-

BABV (Build-A-Bearville)
BABW (Build-A-Bear Workshop)
DCT (Daily Chat Thread)
BI (Bearville Insider)
PSI (Pet Special Item)
VM (Visitor Message)
TD (Trading Den)
TP (Trading Post)

I hoped I helped you learn just a little bit more about BI, and don't EVER hesitate to ask me any questions. Just head over to my profile, and type it in my visitor message box. It's always open. BI is a friendly place, where everyone is considered family, so hop right over and make yourself at home! Have a fun time and enjoy BI to it's greatest limit!

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I hope you have a great time on here!
I'm ZoeyCuddles2474 but you can call me Zoey : )
Here are most of the thing and rules we have here at BI!

What is Bearville Insider(BI)
Bearville Insider is a website, more specifically a forum, or message board, that can tell you about the new exciting updates and information about both Build-A-Bearville and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Bearville Insider is also know as BI.

in BI you can do many things here are some...
Forum Rules,

Front Page News


General Discussion

BearvilleInsider Contests!

Yikes! I need help!!


Beginners Guide to Buildabearville

Looking for Special Guests!

Special Events



Bearemy's Giveaways

Games, Badges and Bearbills!

Furry Friends and Virtual Gifts

Quests and Challenges

Team Play

Role Plays

Pawty Time

Beary Fashionable!

Beary Musical!

Beary Creative!

Cub Condos


Coffee House

Virtual Gaming outside BABV

The Birthday Place

Join The Club

Are You Game?


How are the User Stars determined?
The number of stars is determined by the number of posts:

10 - 99 posts: Click the image to open in full size.
100 - 499 posts: Click the image to open in full size.
500 - 999 posts: Click the image to open in full size.
1000 - 2499 posts: Click the image to open in full size.
2500 - 4999 posts: Click the image to open in full size.
5000+ posts: Click the image to open in full size.

How do I create a new thread?
In order to create a new thread, just go to the forum that you want to create a new thread in and click the "new thread" button on the upper left hand side.

How do I create a poll?

The system will not allow you to create polls outside of this section!

To create a poll, type in the message for your poll and then scroll down below that window and check "Yes, make this a poll" and then click "Submit". The website will then direct you to a page where you can create your poll options.

ALL ABOUT Reputation!
What are the green dots?
This is a user's reputation and is just a way of keeping track of the most helpful people on the forum. If you like what someone has to say, or they help you. Give them a click and add to their reputation!

Giving Reputation
There is a thumb icon right next to the "Reputation" area on each user's post bit.

To add to a person's ‘Reputation’, click on the thumbs up icon. A ‘Reputation’ box will open and you can type your reason for thanking the user.

If you're helpful on the forum, we're sure you'll get them very shortly if you don't already have them! Don't forget to give them out!!

Checking who added to your reputation
You can check your (15) most recent additions by clicking "UserCP" at the top of the forum. It will bring up a list of the last 15 people that have contributed to your reputation.

I don't have any, can you give me some?
We don't allow begging of any kind here on BI, and that includes begging for Reputation. We've already taken the system away to change it because of constant begging and we don't want to have to remove it altogether. Spend some time here, help a few people out and people will give them to you on their own accord.

Can I offer Reputation to encourage people to answer my threads?
NO. We've seen a lot of this and the problem comes when someone forgets to give those promised reputation and people start posting "Why didn't you give me the reputation?" or ask us why someone didn't follow through. People will answer your thread, faster than you even imagined. If you get an answer that helps, feel free to give them reputation, but no offers anymore, PLEASE! Also, no "I only need x more reputation, please help me" threads. Any threads or posts the offer/beg for reputation will be deleted.

ALL ABOUT the Trading Den
What is the Trading Den?
The Trading Den is BI's safe trading area. We have a number of rules in place to keep this area safe for fair trading and to prevent scamming. Trading or trade discussion outside of the Trading Den is not allowed on BI!!

Where is the Trading Den?
As a protected-area, the Trading Den must be unlocked, so people who don't have the required number of posts and haven't agreed to the rules cannot see the Trading Den.

How do I get in to the Trading Den?
Please read the rules and post your agreement as a response once you qualify and are done reading them.

Why Can't I PM?
This is most likely because you are classified as "Knut" on the system, meaning you have less than 10 posts. Once you have crossed over the 10 posts barrier, you will be able to view and use this feature!

Reporting Posts
Reporting a post
vBulletin has a great way to report posts and bring them to our attention. It's the "red flag" right above people's number of posts on the top right of each post. If you see a post that doesn't follow the rules, click that red flag, fill out the reason and click send.

This will alert whatever mod or admin that is on and we can get to it as quickly as possible. This works much better than PM'ing a mod or admin, as anyone can pick up the "ticket" and get to work! PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FOR ANY OTHER REASON, IT IS ONLY FOR REPORTING POSTS THAT DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES!!

More Frequently Asked Questions can be found in our FAQ section found at the top of the page!Also remeber not to write in this red or this blue

also no tarding outside the trading den
no scaming!
don't be rude!

thanks i hope you have a great time

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Welcome to!
I'm Starr, and I know that you'll have so much fun here at BI!
From the wonderful members, to the awesome news, to the cool topics you'll never grow bored from this site, and you'll soon be obsessed!
Everyone here is so nice, you can pretty much pick up a conversation with anyone, the people here are so easy to become friends with. Pretty much anyone is willing to help out with a question that you have!
If you ever need to ask anything don't be shy, just go ahead and ask it in the Yikes I Need Help Section! or ask it personally to any member by going to their Profile and giving them a visitor message, which many people call VMs.

Before you get started on BearvilleInsider you might wanna know that you can check out the rules whenever you need to, and the FAQ located right by the Forum Rules (in green) is very helpful.

And now, for a little bit about each part of BI:

In the Forum Rules section of the forum you can read the rules, learn about how to become a Trading Teddy, you can see a list of BI staff, you can see what a Sage Bear is, you can see the rules for posting on people's profiles, and much much more. If you ever are wondering if something is allowed on here or not make sure to check out this section.

In the Suggestions section of the forum you can post any suggestions that you have for BI there, the other members of the forum will post any feedback on your ideas, and sometimes the mods and admins will even check them out!

In the Front Page News section of the forum is where you can see all the news announcements on Build-a-bearville and important announcements about BI, you can also check the front page for updates on Build-a-bear and BI.

The Cybearguide's section is where you can ask real build-a-bear Cybearguide's your questions about build-a-bearvile and buildabear, you can post suggestions for them, post your bug reports for them, and glitches you find, and you can also read the promos and updates that they have posted for you.

Come on over to the General Discussion section and read posts made by members about what's going on in buildabearville, any news that they've found out, and pretty much talk about anything that goes on in Build-a-bearville.

The BearvilleInsider contests part of the BI forum is where all contests go on, member's put on contests when allowed to, and BI staff hold awesome contests, feel free to check out that section and see the latest BI contests, you could be a winner!

The Yikes! I Need Help section is where all questions concering this site, and build-a-bearville should go, many of the helpful people of BI will answer your questions, and hopefully by the end of the day you should have a question that should satsify you. In the guide's section, which is part of the Yikes! I Need Help section you can post guides on information that people might find helpful. Check out that section for some great guides on things you might not know.

In the Special Guests section of BI check out the great Search for Special Guests thread and check out where all the build-a-bear special guests such as Maxine, ChloeRocks, and the Cybearguides are in BABV.

Check out the Codes area of the forum for some free codes that work for everyone! Make sure to only post a code if it's universal because other wise you could get in some trouble. Never ask people for codes, that's not allowed either.

Right bellow the Codes section is the Whoopsies! section, where everyone posts funny glitches that they find in BABV, post your own glitch that you've found, or laugh at someone elses.

In the Games, Badges, and Bearbills section you can read people's tips on games, find out quick ways to earn Bearbills, and share your tips.

In the Furry Friends and Virtual Gifts section you can talk about anything that has to do with Furry Friends, and well, virtual gifts. Check out the thread with all the bears and their pet items, it's very helpful!

Check out the Team Play and Role Play sections to take yourself to a magical world where you can pretend to be a cat, a wolf, a dog, or a magical creature, or someone else you wish you could be.

In the Pawty Time you can sign up to have a party, it's tons of fun! Then check out the Beary Fashionable section and talk all about the latest styles and trends in Build-a-bearville, share your great outfit designs, and see what other people say!

In the Beary Musical place you'll find lots of people posting their music that they've made, then in the Beary Creative section you can see lots of people's creative writing, avatar and signature shops, drawings and comics, jokes, recipes, and much more. This is a section you could spend all day in!

In the Polls section you can start a poll, and have people vote on it, or you can read someone else's poll and share YOUR opinon! Right above the poll section is the Cub Condos section where you can show your stylish Cub Condo, open up a hotel or look at other people's designs.

Check out the Coffee Shop and hang out on the DCT otherwise known as the Daily Chat Thread, where you can make lots of friends easily, and the people are very welcoming! Post in the many threads too, anything goes there!

In the Virtual Gaming area you can talk about any other virtual gaming site online and how wonderful it is, see if anyone else shares your interest! In the Birthday Place you can wish other people happy birthdays, and on your birthday everyone will do the same for you!

Join a club in the Join a Club section, there are so many clubs to choose from! From the Twilight club, to the Justin Bieber club, it's a great place to be, you can find lots of people that share the same interests!

Head on over to the Are You Game? section and try out some of the funnest games made by members here, and make your own!

Before you go off to the rest of the forum and stuff you might wanna know some basic information about BI. I promise, it won't take that long!

1. VM, and PM stand for Visitor Message, and Private Message.
2. Polar Bears, Knuts, Trading Teddies, and Sage Bears are all different statuses here at BI, Polar Bears have 10 posts or more, Knuts have less than 10 posts, trading teddies are people who have applied to the trading den, and sage bears are very experienced trading teddies.
3. No talking in red or blue, as these colors are reserved just for mods and admins.
4. To decorate your profile you can go to your profile by clicking your username, then making an album just for your profile, uploading background pictures, and going to your User CP, clicking Customize Profile and putting in backgrounds and special text and stuff.
5. You may be wondering what those green boxes some people have, those are rep points. Members get rep points for being extra helpful, you can give someone a rep point by clicking on the heart symbol with the plus, right by the exclamation mark point symbol and leaving them a comment on their post.
6. DCT stands for Daily Chat thread, and that is where a lot of people like to chat, it's tons of fun, the people are very funny.

I know what you're thinking now, "Wow!!!! There's so much stuff to do here!" OK, OK, or maybe you're thinking, "Wow, what a long post," LOL xD Yeah, I know, so, go ahead and stop reading my post and go have some fun here at BearvilleInsider!!
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Hi, I'm Christina!

Welcome to!

What is Bearvilleinsider?
Bearvilleinsider is a great website that is "related to BABV" or a website that is about BABV, where you can share upcoming news/dates, stuff, etc. It is not a site that is a "cheat" for BABV. Here, you can learn many coll stuff that you may or may not know. Many kind and sharing Bearvilleinsider members share their opinions, thoughts, or something; such as, secret places, answers to the quests.; This is a very great and helpful guide or website for BABV.

Here are some important Rules you'll need to follow:
* Absolutely NEVER share Personal Information about yourself; Such as, what's your name(You can share your First Name, but not Middle Names or Last Names), what school you go to or what Grade Level you are in or other specific information about you, etc. It is very dangerous.
* Never share your password to anyone, that includes your friend(s).

* You can ONLY have 1 account, you cannot create a another account and let a Family member use it.

* Always be kind to every and helpful, don't be mean or disrespectful to anyone.

Want to know more Rules or more info about BI?
Go to "Forum Rules" which is located at the top, and is written in green.
You cannot right in Red or Blue because it is only for the Mods & Adims, etc.

About the Forums and Sections

The Red Carpet! Your first Stop!

Forum Rules is a also the right place to learn more about BI, that includes the rules too. So you might read that also.
Front Page News is a section that you can Add a Thread, and of course the news has to be about BABV, and that thread directly goes into the Front Page of BI. But most of the members in BI is not allowed to make a New Thread in that section, for some reason.
CyBearGuides is a section where you could ask CyBearGuides questions, or share your thoughts for BABV, you could even e-mail the idea to Maxine of you'd like to!
General Discussion is a section where you could talk or ask anything related to BABV.
Bearville Insider Contest is a section where you can create contests. Every month Adims, Owners, etc creates 2 contests, and the winner(s) gets a special prize. Prizes are also needed if you are creating a Contest, because it would be sad if you were the winner and you didn't get anything as a prize.
Yikes! I need help! is a a very helpful section where you could ask anything that is related to BABV or BI(Bearville Insider). Also, you could see or even Post A Thread of your own of a Guide!
Aloha! is a very wonderful section to say "Welcome!" to newbies.Be sure to tell them the important Rules!

About Buildabearville!

Beginners Guide BuildaBearville is a section that I don't really know about, but its a section that is a great guide.
Looking for Special Guests! is a section that you could Add a Thread if you know who is going to be the new upcoming guests!
Special Events is a section where you could post a New Thread that is already pasts or events that is coming up.
Codes is a section that you could post a New Thread and share a code! But make sure its universal, meaning that everyone can use it.
Whoopsies! is a section where you could tell the glitches that has happened to you or is happening to you right now.

Be Beariffic!

Bearamey's Giveaways is a section that you know that Bearemy is giving away soon or today!
Games, Badges and Bearbills! is a section where you can give members helpful guides of earning Bear Bills, etc.
Furry Friends and Virtual Gifts is a section that a a Furry Friend that is release or you have it and know what it gives you when you bring to online!
Quests and Challenges! Talk about quests that is coming soon or the answers to the quests!
Virtual Sandbox!

Team Play! is a section where you could create or join a Team!
Role Plays is a section where you could make a "Role Play," and see which people gets the Role!
Pawty Time! is a section where you could let people know that you are hosting a Pawty!
Beary Fashionable! is a section where you can update that there's new clothes at the Boutique, or funuitures. You could also create a Fashion Magazine, anything related to Fashions!
Beary Musical! is a section about music in BABV or outside!
Beary Creative! is one my favorite section and in this section you could do a lot of things! Such as, Drawings of Comics, writing, order from shops, create or do Jokes and Kitchen Fun!
Cub Condos is a section where you could share or even show-off your Cub Condo! What is your Cub Condo? It could be anything, a hotel maybe!
Polls! is a fun place where you could create polls and members would vote, you could even vote too!

Puffles and Penguins and Bears, Oh my!!

Coffee House is a section where you can talk about inside or outside BABV!
The Birthday Place! is a section to let people know your birthday is coming soon and that you are a hosting a Birthday Pawty!
Join the Club is a section where you could create a Fan Club!
Are you Game? is a section that is the Official Area on BI for playing Forum Words! Sounds like fun!
Links is a section for other blogs related to Virtual Gaming.

More tips about BI:
* To become a Polar Bear, you have to have at least 10 posts, that way you could Add Friends.

* Check first if you are going to post News about BABV because someone might already have updated it first.

* You cannot delete a thread, ask a Adim. or Mod. to close it for you.

* You cannot plead or beg for a any kind of code that also includes Bear codes, we don't share those, but we do share codes, which is posted in the Front Page or in the "New Threads." Also you could even find more codes when you go on the top and click "Codes."

What are Reputations?

Reputations are given by a member who thinks that a member's post was very helpful to the Thread. Once you've sumbitted the Reputation for the member, they will see their Reputation Boxes under their User CP with the Green Boxes. I am not sure what are the White Boxes are for. Anyways, you can give to a member by clicking the Heart with the plus sign inside the heart. Now be sure that the check is on the Box to give the member the points they deserve. You can also explain on the Box why you gave it to the member. You may not beg to a member to give them a Rep, or ask.
That is breaking the rules when doing it.

What is a Trading Teddy?

A Trading Teddy is one of the most popular sections in BI. To be a Trading Teddy, you have to be a member for at least 1 month, you have to familiar with this community, you have to have 100 Non-Fluff Posts, you must follow and agree the Rules to be a Trading Teddy. But for now, you still have a month to go, so you could apply to be as a trading Teddy. If you we're wondering what "fluff" means, it means that you don't use complete sentences, for example: I agree, I don't know; those kind of fluff posts. You'll learn more about it.

What is the difference between a Knut and a Polar Bear?

First you start to be a Knut when you sign up. When you are a knut, you are not able to add friends, and many stuff, you have to become a Polar Bear first to do the exclusive stuff. To become a Polar Bear is very easy. All you have to do is post at least 10 posts in any threads. Once you have at least 10 posts, you become a Polar Bear! Being a Polar Bear is very fun! You get to add friends and many stuff!

The "shortcut" Words!
- BI stands forBearville Insider
- VM stands for Visitor Message
- PM stands for Private Message(This doesn't allow in BI anymore.)
- TD stands for Trading Den
- Adim stands for Adiministor
- Mod stands for Moderator
- Rep stands for Reputation

There are more Rules, but these are the important things and Rules you'll need to know! Have a great tour! Remember, don't bother to ask any of us members for help because we're all very great helpers!

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Click the image to open in full size.

Here are some ways you can get your questions answered! Also, at any time, feel free to send me a Visitor Message (VM) on my profile if you have any ther questions

If you ever need help on BABV, you can check the guides and directories in the Beginners Guide to Buildabearville. That is located in the About Buildabearville! section of the forum. There, you will find lots of very helpful information about BABV!

If you need a question answered, you can make a thread in the Yikes! I Need Help!! section. Make sure you post in the correct area, depending on if it is a BABV related issue or a BI issue. There is even a section called Guides and How to's. There, members and staff have created many guides that are very helpful.

You can also ask a CyBear Guide in the CyBear Guides section. There, you can make a thread to ask a question about BABV. you can also post your suggestions in the Suggestions sub section.

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Welcome to BI! It's pawsome here!
Please do not type in red or blue it is reserved for staff only.
On this forum we talk, etc.
Have fun!
Oh, the basic rules.
  • Be nice
  • All forum rules must be followed
Well that's about it! Have fun!
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