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Red face Some Ideas For the Train.

I seperated all the places you could go by seasons!LOL.Idk i just thought of this idea since it's kinda a waste of space (no offence) that the train is just..THERE with no place to go :/

[Destination 1] I think they should have more destinations for the trains!Like in webkinz,you can take your furry friends to a spa or vacation,you know!Well we should do that for OUR furry friends,us too! The train could lead to a spa/get-away to a tropical island!and when it first opens,there could be champ there but in Hawaiian clothes!or tropical hello kitty!and she gives you some sunglasses or something vacation-like lol

[Destination 2] It could be just like in the holidays when you went to the north pole but totally different!It'll be in a certain snowy,slope,mountain with a NEW furry friend!Looks like a yeti or a snowman (lol) but different and way cuter!Like a snowy winter bear .And he sends you on a quest to find 6 snow men all over,if you find them he'll give you a snow cone?LOL i'm not sure about the prize yet!It'll be great for people who missed out on the north pole!Or for people who naturally like snow!

[Destination 3] This one i think a lot of twilight fans might like (i think lol!) It could be kinda like Edward's Meadow! with loads of flowers and nature!and birds everywhere!They could switch the Words For Birds game here since its know nature lol!It's good for people who like spring,nature,and calm surroundings (like me!) It could have a tiny little building where you could buy flowers/plants for your cub condo!Or nature themed furniture!Like an actual flower bed for your bedroom lol.

[Destination 4] It could be kinda like the set from halloween town!(without all the halloween stuff though lol!) It has a creepy aroma,with red,orange,yellow and a little green leaves all over the ground,with a pile of leaves!Click the pile and you get a new jumpnig in the leaves move! There could be a person there that greets you (like hal and holly!) named Spirit and he's a boorific ghost!And theres a building that looks kinda like the farm!And it's all scary-ish and stuff (not too scary though because there are some really little kids that could get scared easily).
LOL i'm pretty sure this won't happen because with all that it might make babv realllyyy slow with all the updates and stuff,but it's just a thought i guess!What do you guys think?

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I agree with all of them but send some at a time to he is in charge of the people who have suggestions for BABV!!!!
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that's some great ideas! send one to maxine and maybe she'll give you a lightbulb hat!
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You should send all these very good ideas to maxine. You must love to type. LOL
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OmG!! You dOne such a great job. You should really email Maxine!!! She will be really impressed!!Great Job!!=)
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