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Default Unanswered: Am I allowed to...

I am new to BI. Well, I signed up a few months ago but haven't used it much because I've just been learning BABV. Anyways, I read the rules and I have a couple questions.

1. There is a rule that says:
No LOLspeak or netspeak (this means no misspelling of words to use the LOLcatz dictionary or teh)

What's that mean exactly? Does that mean I am not allowed to say "LOL" for Laughing out Loud? And what is the LOLcatz dictionary? And what's teh? And what if I accidentally make a typo or misspell a word? I just want to be sure I understand the rule!

2. Am I allowed to post a link to my Build-A-Bearville site on my profile or signature? The rules say no advertising, but I'm not trying to sell anything on the site. It's just my personal webpage.

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Hi there.

First off, I believe you may put a link to your site in your signature.
But you just may not run around and post in every thread about joining there... if that makes sense

Secondly - the LOLspeak is... sort of like this -
"hai der wood u lyk to be teh firends?" (hi there, would you like to be the friends) as you can see... there is a reason people ask you *not* to use it. Netspeak is u r 2 cute... stuff like that.

I believe LOL is okay, general things like "idk, lol, kwim" .... those are ok as long as it's not used crazy like. - But a someone can correct me if I'm wrong

edit -
you could also post a link here

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wow this was very helpful - thanks!
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