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Default OMG!!! There's a Purple Polka Dotted Giraffe on that T-Shirt! Let's Buy it! Where? Why, at Belle and the Build-A-Bears!

NOTICE: No banner until a later date.

Hello! I is Bella! No, actually, I'm Belle, but you can call me Bella, Red, or Redinky. Proud owner of... an unknown number of BABs at the moment! Want to meet them? No? Sure you do, come on! We won't bite! Ahem, most of us won't. I'm not sure about Flowerpool, though. She thinks she's a tiger and calls herself Tigger. So, come on, join us for some fun!

Bella's Outfit (About Me)
Hi there! I'm Belle, but you can call me Bella. I am an athletic girl on the early edge of being a preteen. I have a few Build-A-Bears, and if you must know, I swim, play soccer, and have a very busy schedule. I have copper hair and I like pumpkin pie and Peppermint Bark Ghiradelli chocolate, plus I have blue-grey eyes and lightly tanned and freckled skin. That's all you need to know... Shutting up right now for my bears to talk. P.S. I'm a Gemini!

The Bears' Outfits (About my Bears)
SweetieBear: The role model, and the best Capricorn I've ever met! My furst bear.
Holly: The leader, and another awesome Capricorn. My second bear.
Flowerpool: The brave kid, and a strange but awesome Sagittarius. My third bear.
Percy: The hardworking dad and party-loving Gemini. My fourth bear, naturally.
April: The dreamer, a Taurus. My fifth bear, and Percy's daughter.
Cassie: LAZY! A Gemini that makes me get her cheese burritos and cheeseless nachos. My sixth bear.
Millicent: AKA Millie. A shy little fuzzball and... I think she's a Cancer, but IDK. My seventh bear.
Katerina: The hyper, happy-go-lucky party girl who knows everything. My... is she a Virgo? My eighth bear.
Katherine: You don't want to know... My crazy Aries and ninth bear.
Chloe: My wacky little Pisces and tenth bear.
Holly-Kiara: My girly girl Scorpio and eleventh bear.

Did you survive that stuff? Thank goodness. Most don't get beyond our outfits. Okay, let's go check out the family list. You know my bears' names, but we need to meet them in person. Ready? Time to go to the staff list!

The Staff List (Meet my Bears)
Girls in Lavender, Boys in Brown
*Not Virtual
*Virtual Only
  1. SweetieBear the Pink Cuddles Teddy
  2. Holly the Holly Moose
  3. Flowerpool the McDonalds Pawfect Pink Leopard*
  4. Percy the Fabulous Frog
  5. April the Make-'n'-Play Fabulous Frog*
  6. Cassie the Peace and Hugs Bear
  7. Millicent the Mint Chip Bear
  8. Katerina the Keroppi
  9. Katherine the Sanrio Tiny Clip Keroppi*
  10. Chloe the Jr.CyBearGuide Virtual Bear*
  11. Holly-Kiara the Hello Kitty*
Okay, now, onto the outfits you can pick. Hurry up, let's go!

Outfits (The Blogs)
The Stress of Being the Oldest - SweetieBear's Blog
Jingle Bell Rockstar - Holly's Blog
Just Because I'm Tiny Doesn't Mean I Can't Be Awesome! - Flowerpool's Blog
The Only Guy - Percy's Blog
Percy's Princess - April's Blog
Peace Princess - Cassie's Blog
I'm Actually a Camp Counselor! - Millicent's Blog
Secretly the Queen of Spain - Katherine's Diary
How Often Do You Shower and Have You Ever Been To Japan? - Chloe's
Pink Parties and Pink Bows - Holly-Kiara's Diary

And now, we will end this post with the Catalog and the Shop Website.

Catalog (Update List)
Newest Update: N/A on N/A.N/A.N/A
Nothing today! Check back soon!

WWW.BELLEOUTFIT.BEAR (The Bulletin Bear Head)
  • Sunday, Jan 6, 2011: We open the "shop" with some of the freshest fashions ever!
Thank you fur reading and enjoying!

*gets hit with outfit*
Bella and the Build-A-Bears
*gets hit with clothes hanger*
Bella and the Awesome Build-A-Bears
*gets hit with clothes rack*
Bella and the Wonderfully Awesome Build-A-Bears
*gets hit with outfit on hanger*
Bella and the Insanely Wonderfully Awesome Build-A-Bears
*gets hit with outfit on rack with hanger*
Bella and the Pink Flying Secretly Wildly Smartly Coolly Sweet
Insanely Wonderfully Awesome Build-A-Bears
And before I furget, the future Bears.

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Cool your bears have lots of personality!
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i like all of your bears they are cool!!
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