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Hi! Welcome too BI! :3
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Hi, I'm Christina!

Welcome to!

I bet you're wondering what BearvilleInsider is ...
Duh! Its the Forum you just joined in. Indeed it is, but this Forum doesn't only relate to Babv but other such things that you can learn or help from. Some people call this a 'Cheat Insider' for Babv, its mostly not. Its a Forum that has to do with Babv, though, Codes are shared which many people called 'cheating.' Not all Codes are shared here, only the universal ones. This is a Virus-Free Forum/Website that you can surf to without your computer/laptop being harmed.

What are the Rules?
Indeed, all Forums, maybe most, has its own Rules that all Members have to follow, or they would consider being banned from this Forum for who knows how long. To know the Rules of this Forum, you might want to go to Forum>Forum Rules>Forum Rules; Or for more Rules; See the bar up ahead? Click the Lime Green button which says 'Forum Rules.'

Now, let's go and introduce you to the Sections of the Forums. Mind you, there's a lot of them.

Forum Rules - Wanna know more Rules of this Forum? Its the perfect section to be.
Front Page News - Wanna know the upcoming news or dates of Babv, or other relations? Check that section out, most are submitted to Front Page of the Forum.
CyBearGuides - Have any difficulties while playing Babv? There's official CyBearGuides members in this Forum! They sure will help you out.
General Discussion is a section where you could talk or ask anything related to BABV.
Bearville Insider Contests - Wanna earn prizes by entering a Contest? By luck, you can win.
Yikes! I need help! - Any questions of Babv or for this Forum? Ask, and our helpful Members will help you. Guides are also attached to this section, be sure to check that too.
Aloha! - Someone's new? If you aren't too lazy, introduce yourself nicely.

About Buildabearville!
Beginners Guide BuildaBearville - Babv help? It'll help you guide through Babv.
Looking for Special Guests - Have any idea whose the next guest to be in the Chloe Show? Come and share you thought.
Special Events - Know a special event coming up? Share it with us.
Codes - Codes for Babv? Check out the section, though only universal codes can only be shared.
Whoopsies! - A common glitch? Share it with us, and we'll laugh with you, or help you through the glitch.

Be Beariffic!
Bearamey's Giveaways - Everyone wants a giveaway from Bearamey!
Games, Badges and Bearbills! - More of a Guide to help you through the 'way.'
Furry Friends and Virtual Gifts - You got a new Bab? Epic, come and tell us.
Quests and Challenges! Talk about quests ... Members will guide you through the Quest.

Virtual Sandbox!
Team Play! - Come and join Members join or create a Team!
Role Plays - A section where it is available for everyone to role play. Drama, funny, etc. A great place to go when your bored.
Pawty Time! - A party? Who? What? When? Where? Invite us to your pawty.
Beary Fashionable! - A section where you can update that there's new clothes at the Boutique, or funuitures. You could also create a Fashion Magazine, anything related to Fashions!
Beary Musical! - You a Music Writer? Share your songs with us, bet its great.
Beary Creative! - Its like art, more precisely, its really entertaining. Come and check it out!
Cub Condos- A section where you could share or even show-off your Cub Condo! What is your Cub Condo? It could be anything, a hotel maybe!
Polls! - A fun place where you could create polls and members would vote, you could even vote too!

Puffles and Penguins and Bears, Oh my!!
Coffee House - Tired of talking about Babv? Check the section our.
Birthday Place! Whose birthday is it? Come and greet members a Happy Birthday!
Join the Club - You a fan of something? Check the section out.
Are you Game? Are you competitive? Play with us!
Links - Got a website to share? Share it with us!

What are Reputations?

Reputations are given by a member who thinks that a member's post was very helpful to the Thread. Once you've submitted the Reputation for the member, they will see their Reputation Boxes under their User CP with the Green Boxes. I am not sure what are the White Boxes are for. Anyways, you can give to a member by clicking the Heart with the plus sign inside the heart. Now be sure that the check is on the Box to give the member the points they deserve. You can also explain on the Box why you gave it to the member. You may not beg to a member to give them a Rep, or ask.
That is breaking the rules when doing it.

What is a Trading Teddy?

A Trading Teddy lets you trade Babv Items online without scams of course. Wanna become one? You'd have to wait till your a Member Month old, then you can sign up to be one which is under the Forum Rules section. Good Luck!

What is the difference between a Knut and a Polar Bear?

First you start to be a Knut when you sign up. When you are a knut, you are not able to add friends, and many stuff, you have to become a Polar Bear first to do the exclusive stuff. To become a Polar Bear is very easy. All you have to do is post at least 10 posts in any threads. Once you have at least 10 posts, you become a Polar Bear! Being a Polar Bear is very fun! You get to add friends and many stuff!

Abbreviations -
BearvilleInsider > BI
TP > Trading Post [Trading Teddy Feature]
TD > Trading Den [Trading Teddy Feature]
VM > Visitor Message
DCT > Daily Chat Thread

Have a great and fun tour!

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Hi there! Welcome to BI! (:
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Welcome to BI!
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alma<3, colleen♥, laura<3, unique♡, with love from harry <3

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