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Default Club Penguin Online new admins

End of an Era - Passing On The Torch
Hello all,

This will be my last blog post for Club Penguin Online. After some discussion with my close friends, moderators, and Huey, we have came to the conclusion to step down as administrators for Club Penguin Online.

I will not disclose the reason for Huey's choice, but for me it's a number of factors. The main factor is my lack of interest and motivation to continue managing Club Penguin Online. As some of you may have noticed, but since summer began I have been very inactive on Club Penguin Online and Discord in general. The constant drama takes a toll, and I decided to take a break for the sake of my sanity. When I was on that break I realised how much stress I lost ever since I left the community. I spent a little too much on my break, and due to this you may have noticed the lack of PoTW's and MMU's, and I apologise.

Another factor is my mental health. If you're active in the Discord server, many of you may have witnessed my short temper or angry attitude, which resulted in many people saying I was a 'scary' admin. I took notice of this and tried to change, but to no avail. After many talks with my close friend adamblazex (love you my Irish friend) it was best that I seeked professional help for my anger problems and mental issues after recent events.

I know during my anger I have upset many people and made rash decisions over the course of my time being admin here, and for that I apologise. It was the main reason I decided to distance myself from the community after a while.

And as for motivation, you may know of my relationship with fellow admin, Cindy. We were known as the 'CPO Power Couple'. We were together for over a year, starting from July 2018. However, after recent events, we have seperated and she has left the Club Penguin Online community - for good this time. I do not wish to go into detail about our relationship as I know she would want me to keep it private, as do I. However I will say this; Although it ended, I have no regrets about our relationship. Even though we had a lot of lows and fights (sorry Kiwii), I am still thankful for the good times we had together.

Cindy was the biggest factor on why I enjoyed Club Penguin Online, as she was my partner in crime. Managing Club Penguin Online with her on my side was the most enjoyable time I had on Club Penguin Online, especially after the 'Vale Era' and all the drama that happened last summer. I'll always be thankful for her loyalty and standing by my side whenever I needed her support.

Even though we'll be going our seperate ways from now on, I hope you'll cherish the good times we had together, as will I. Goodbye pumpkin.

My initial plan was to shut down Club Penguin Online, but after looking at the community I simply couldn't do it. This is the biggest CPPS game to date. When we began in December 2017, Huey and I never would've thought our small game would eventually overtake Club Penguin Rewritten and get millions of registered users and thousands of active online users per day - it still amazes us to this day, knowing we came so far. After some thought, I knew what I had to do.

As of today, I am officially handing Club Penguin Online to my daughter, Kiwii.

There is no one else I would give Club Penguin Online to Kiwii is the greatest staff I have ever worked with, and I am extremely greatful to have her apart of our team. She has been working with us for over a year now, and she has not once shown any signs of disloyalty or hatred to me or the game or the community. She enjoys moderating for Club Penguin Online and she loves everyone in the community. She is kind, sweet, and just super easy to talk to, she is the perfect choice to be the owner of this game.

I fully trust Kiwii to continue Club Penguin Online's legacy. While Huey and I were away she's always there to organise the team and make sure Club Penguin Online is running smoothly. Thank you Kiwii for your loyalty and leadership skills, because if it wasn't for you, this would've been the day Club Penguin Online died.

Kiwii will take my place as owner of Club Penguin Online. Huey will be retiring as admin, but he'll still be developing for Club Penguin Online behind the scenes, he just won't be acting as an active admin. Cindy is no longer an admin or apart of the community either. I'll be remaining in Club Penguin Online servers to transfer ownership to Kiwii, and on Monday I'll leave officially.

I would also like to take this time to promote Megs to administrator. Megs is to Kiwii as what Huey is to me - a loyal companion that makes a fantastic duo. Thank you Megs for being a loyal moderator to Club Penguin Online, your blog is amazing and I hope you'll enjoy writing blog posts on the official Club Penguin Online blog.

Thank you to everyone in the community. I wish Club Penguin Online the best. I'll still be checking up with Kiwii from time to time to see how she's doing and how the game is doing, I want nothing but the best for Club Penguin Online. Thank you.

~The end of 'The Boondocks Era'~

did not need another virtual world closure...

twitter is acting weird towards it though, started today for me.

Click the image to open in full size.

liking my anvengers choices for online world. blu-ray coming out 13aug2019
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