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Default Fairness bars in trading, explained

Hi, I joined not too long ago and I'm kind of confused with trading.

How do you read the fairness bar at the top? Is the trade fair when both sides are lit up 3 fair bars? Or what if only one person's side is lit up? Or nothing is lit up?

I'm also kind of confused on the value of items, how do I know how many BBs an item is worth? Is there a list of how valuable items are? (All I know is that furry friend exclusive items are valuable!)

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When you first sign up to you will automatically be able to make friends and participate in trades! If you would like to get familiar with the site and avoid trading until you are comfortable, instructions follow:
  1. Click your PDA
  2. Select Options (the picture that looks like gears)
  3. Select Block trades
You can also Block Whispers on this page to avoid distractions while playing a game.
When you are ready to trade, Unblock trades and have fun. Be mindful of those that may attempt to take advantage of new traders by "scamming." A Trading Den is set up at our forum at for the purpose of discussing trades before performing the actual trade in Bearville.

  • Even though you can only put $1000 in the trade — if the person you are trading with clicks Accept multiple times, really fast — it multiplies the number of clicks times the bear bills offered! If you put $1000 in the bear bills slot and they click accept three times before it registers that they’ve clicked Accept — it will give them $3000!
  • Don't be distracted by 'chatting' during a trade.
  • Be mindful of all items and bear bills added in a trade, delete what was added that you do not want to trade away or just cancel the trade if you're uncomfortable or not sure.
The most important guideline is DON’T HIT THAT CHECKMARK until you are positive that you want to proceed with the trade AS IS. It is not a way to determine the fairness of the trade, it is how you complete the trade as is. In determining fairness, the green bars only work with items purchased in the Shops. Click the image to open in full size.
You can see in this picture that the person on the right side of the trade has green bars, that means they have to add to the trade to balance the ’scale’.
They’re getting closer in the next pic Click the image to open in full size.but the shirt on the left is more expensive then the shirt on the right so even with 100 bear bills added to the shirt on the right, the person on the right needs to add more bear bills or an item of equal value.
More bear bills or a more expensive shirt bought in Pawlette’s Coufur should be added to this trade until the values are equal.

The gifts received at events (red Bearemy shirt, pawlette tshirt, valentine shirt, santa hat, maxine slippers and hat, heart table) have NO VALUE according to the green bars. Click the image to open in full size.Even when the person on the left is only adding 10 bear bills to the trade in the next pic, the green bars are indicating that the person on the right, who has contributed the Highly Valued bear slippers from Maxine, must add to the trade. The Furry Friend Exclusive Items (FEI's), obtained when bringing your Furry Friend to life online, also do not have any value per the green bars however they are HIGHLY VALUED in Build-A-Bearville!

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