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Cool And so....Contest ended

Hi guys!This is the funnest contest ever!Even if you not good at writing!

This is a contest!Not just any contest a writing contest!OK!It's called and so..
I'll give you a story line and you finish it it can be funny crazy serious or romantic anything you want!Just make up the end of the story k?
1.NO COPYING people
2.minimum length of it is 5 sentances.
3.I will not accept late entries!
4.Enter only once!
5.Must be appropreate!and must start with "And so".
Here's the story:
There was a small bear lost in the woods on a hot summer day. Little did the bear know that it was being folowed by a girl.The bear trotted down a hill and found himself near a stream........
FINISH the story
first-1,000 bb
second-500 bb
PLEASE do enter by dec.7th!

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He turned around and saw the girl and on his little face sprouted a grin. "Hi", the girl said. "My name is Elizebeth", she said. "Hello", said the teddy. "My name is Bearemy". She grabbed the teddy in her arms and held him tight. "Will you be my teddy?", she said. " Of Course", he replied. She took him home and they lived a long, happy life together.
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and so the girl was a mean little girl, and she pushed the little bear into the stream, where he flowed down all the way to a secret hideout! the hideout had everything he always dreamed of! the bear was actually glad the little girl pushed him into the stream, even though she was trying to be mean and trouble-some. the hideout had little furnitures, to match the bear lol , and everything a bear will always want, including the bear's very own little bee hive, where he could put fresh honey on his little scones and eat them in 2 bites! he lived a very very VERY long life as a rich little bear , unknown by everyone.

THE END!!! thanks
lana ♥

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and so, he met the little girl. She picked him up and carried him home. They then lived hapily ever after. The bear is now with the little girl's great great great grandson, who is 2 years old.
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There was a small bear lost in the woods on a hot summer day. Little did the bear know that it was being folowed by a girl.The bear trotted down a hill and found himself near a stream........
FINISH the story

And so he drank the water, for he was very thirsty, and had been wandering around for a long time, searching for his mother (little did he know she had been captured and taken to the zoo).
The little girl watched curiously. You see, as she lived very close to the woods, her mother had taught her when she was very young that bears and wolves were bad and would eat her up if she got close enough, and her mother had shown her pictures so she would know what these horrible creatures looked like. So naturally the little girl, whose name was Katalina, had grown up scared of these creatures. But she had been walking in the woods, and seen the bear wandering around. Her first thought was, "Oh, no, it's going to eat me!!" and she had almost screamed. But a closer look revealed that the bear was just a baby, not nearly big enough to be vicious. Then she remembered what her mother had taught her about if there was a baby bear, the mother would be near. But she followed anyways, and didn't once see the mother. Then she remembered that earlier she had spotted a bear in a cage in a truck, and guessed that that was the Mama, and seh felt sorry for the baby.
The little bear turned around from the stream, now satisfied, and spotted the girl. The bear was scared, because his mother had taught him as a newborn cub, that if there was a little girl or boy in the woods, her family would be near, which meant a hunter father. The little cub's first thought was "Oh no! The little girl's going to get her hunter father to kill me or bring me to the zoo!" and he almost roared for his mother, but then he noticed that the little girl wasn't as scary looking as first thought, and she wasn't running for her father.
Katalina stepped closer. "Poor cub." she murmered, hoping the cub could understand. "Your mommy was taken to the zoo just a while ago."
As it turned out, the cub COULD understand, and he looked at Katalina frightfully.
"Do you want to go to the zoo with your mommy, or do you want to stay in the wild?"
The little cub pondered this question for a while. Go to his mother, but forever stay in a cage, or stay in the wild, but risk death because he was still too young to stay alone for a long time. He shook his head.
"You want to go to the zoo?" Katalina asked. The cub nodded. "Okay. The zoo's not that far and if we hurry we can get there soon." So they went to the zoo.
The zookeeper was astonished to see Katalina and a cub. "Well, what do we have here?"
"This cub is the baby of the mother that was brought here not that long ago." Katalina explained. The zookeeper nodded, and told the cub to follow him to the bear cage.

All this was 25 years ago. Katalina has a daughter of her own now, and they go to that same zoo every weekend, and their favorite exhibit is the bear exhibit!

my BABV username is SammiAdorable40.

I know the story was long, but I had so many ideas! LOL.
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and so the girl followed the little bear everywhere he went and he finally asked
"why are you following me?what do you want from me?" the little bear asked "i want you to be my bear that is why i have been following you" the little girl said"oh' said the bear "and because you are so soft and nice " the girl said" oh you can be my owner" the bear said happilyand they both loved each other because that is the only teddy bear she had and that was the only owner he had

The End
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Lost In The Woods

There was a small bear lost in the woods on a hot summer day. Little did the bear know that it was being folowed by a girl.The bear trotted down a hill and found himself near a stream. And so, the bear walked over to the stream, and looked down at his reflection. "This is not good, Not good at all! How am I supposed to find my way back? If only I'd left a path of stuffing, like Hansel and Gretel had..." He thought to himself, as he sighed, and thought about what everyone at home would say about this.

Shuffle Shuffle... Eeeep! Shuffle Shuffle
Hearing these strange noises, the little bear looked around cautiously. "Who's There?!" He called, getting ready to jump into the stream incase he needed to. "Yowch!!!" a Squeakyy voice that was Filled with power shouted. A lime colored glow surrounded the bush, and soon after all the branches of the bush suddenly untangled themselves, and went off to the side. A lime figure with light blue leafy shaped patterns Swirled around her forehead, arms, and legs, sat in the middle of the bush, brushing the dirt off her outfit. Once he got a full view of her, she seemed to have a darker green tank top on, with different shades of green splotched all over it, along with a skirt made out of dark green leafs, and a silver grown with the same patterns on it, as the ones of the bears markings. On her feet she had on lime ballet flats, several bangles on her wrists, long silver necklaces covering her kneck, and finally a green glowing mark at the tip of her forehead, where her two patterns met. The glowing mark was in the shape of a perfect leaf, and its glow seemed to come within the bear.

The boy bear gawked at the image of this bear. She was stunningly beautiful, but in her own down-to-earth way. "Ahh, so you're what I was called to," she said as her hands glowed a lime color, and she was scent flying into the air, before landing beside the boy bear. "W-what? How did you know I was here?" he stuttered, taking a few steps back from the bear. "Ahahaha!" she laughed, throwing her head back in the air. "Please excuse me, Sir, for not introducing myself properly. My name is Evelyn. The Forest Nymph," she said, informing the little boy bear, "And what is your name?" Fidgeting with his paws, he mumbled under his breathe, "here are no such things as Nymphs... and my name is Jason..." Holding her hand out, she put it on the boys cheek, as she spoke to him sternly and strongly, "Well then. I suppose living proof doesn't fool you, eh? You are one wise bear, my son. I believe that my dear sister nymph, Cecelia will be more useful to you, though. Goodluck my son, and remember... Each step brings a fresh breeze.
Each step makes a flower bloom.
Kiss the Earth with your feet.

Before Jason could say a word, suddenly he was covered in a large lime bubble. Inside it was the taste of the first bite of an apple, the smell of a new Christmas Tree, and the touch of the lushes grass on a new spring day. Looking in awe around the bubble, he stuck out a curious paw, but like a glass border, he was not able to leave. As soon as it had come, the bubble had vanished, Jason leaving with it.

Not daring to blink as the bubble burst, Jason looked around at the surroundings. He was on what seemed to be an island, a beautiful orange castle in the middle of it. Before he took one step forward, a new bear fluttered out of its doors. She was light blue with squiggly white marks on her forehead, arms, and legs, looks like some preschooler had just scribbled all over her. Her crown was much different than Cecelia's had been. This new bears crown was a tan colored, and made of a seashell texture. It was made out of crossing wavey lines, and had a seashell in the middle of it. On her forehead, like cecelia's, she had a blue diamond on her forehead that was aglow, right where her patterns met. "Okay, okay, I believe in all this Nymph stuff. And since you'll probabley ask, yes, my name is Jason," he said, not knowing what he was doing here, and wanting to get back to his home before anything bad happened. "Child. I'm not going to waist your time with silly questions. I'm here to say that you are conpatible with the water. Now, do you have any clue what that means?" she asked, looking wisely into his eyes, into his character."Hmph. I guess I've never really thought of it... but yeah I have done some swimming before... I always feel at peace in the water," he said, not sure exactly why it would matter anyways. "I see. Okay, this is all I need to know. Never forget why you were called here, Jason. You are here today to join with the sister and brotherin of the water nymphs. You were specifically chosen for your wisdomosity, and special look at life. Let water guide you through harsh times, and keep the balance of good and evil within you. And incase you were wondering, my name happens to be Layla.

Water an elemental
Water a fundamental
Building block of life
Water of Life
Water of Death

Water in all religions
Water in all living things
Water in all countries
Water also used for barter

No life without water
No rife with water
No respect for water
Willful neglect of water

Water, for cooking
Water, for cleaning
Water, for drinking
Water, for living
Water, for dying

Water is the same
In all languages
Water is the same
To all living beings,
She said directly towards him, once she was finished with the poem. Looking up at her, he didn't need to say anything, but once their eyes connected, it was like they could read eachothers minds. Curiously he looked her her outfit. She had on a simple dress that was light blue, and flowed out. It had cammi straps that were frilled, and her whole outfit, along with her white pumps, looked like getting water itself and putting it on cloth. Before he knew what had happened, Layla had taken a step towards him, and on her tiptoes leaned forward to kiss his forehead. A warm flow was sent through his water, and then everything went black.

Waking up, he looked around. He was at the end of the forest that was outlining his house. His big wooden house was insight, and without control, his legs carried him to it's front steps. Opening the door slowely, tears filled in his eyes at the sight of his mother serving two plates filled with food for lunch to his little sisters. "Oh Jason, your home! How was your trip--," she began, before her mouth fell open once she'd gotten a good look of him. In an instant her arms were around him, and she began to whisper to him, "I knew you had something special... I'm so proud of you Jason! I can't believe my little baby's passed Cecelia's test!" "Mom... mom... calm down. I just had some freaky dream, now what are you talking about?" he asked, stepping away from her. His mom quickly picked him up, and brought him over to the dining room mirror. Gawking at the sight of the stranger he saw in his mother's arms, he touched his face, to make sure it wasn't some other little nymph his mom had suddenly adopted. His tan fur had streaks of blue all around it, resembling an ocean's wave lapping against the sand beaches. His marks were like to lines that were curled together, the curl being more intense at the middle of her forehead, the tips of his hands, and at the tips of his feet. Where they met on his forehead there was an oval shape imprinted on him, glowing from the inside with a brilliant dark blue. His eyes filling with tears, he hugged his mom around her kneck as she craddled him, and she silently prayed to Cecelia herself. The bear grew up with this power, and as he matured the more control he had over water. Within 5 years he had gone to the ritual that allowed him to join Cecelia, and Layla, in becoming a high Nymph. He found his Nymphess at a Bear College, and when old enough, was granted his one castle, identical to Cecelia's. A few month's past before a green bubble with a small girl bear was sent to him, no doubt from Cecelia. The ebar was very young, wise, and seemed to have an interesting look at life. He knew Exactly why the little bear was ssent, but he asked him anyways, just to make sure. "Why are you here, son?" is what he asked. The Little Boy Bear looked up at him, and said, "because I got Lost In The Woods."

Hope you liked it! =] If you didn't understand the ending -- once he was old and living with his wife in his castle, Cecelia, the Forest Nymph, sent a little boy who got lost in the woods to him, and he was EXACTLY like Jason had been when he was younger. =]

Thanks for reading!!!

♥ - Kelsi~! :smitten"

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Please take the random conversation to the Coffee House or to PMs or VMs. This is a contest thread and only entries and questions/answers directly related to the contest are allowed.

Please do not bump this thread. If you are not sure what bumping a thread is, then please read the Forum Contest Rules - which you should have done already Thank you.
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OK Jessbear sorry.Miara pawsome yours is too short please edit and write more.It needs to be at least 5 sentances.
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Lightbulb And so...

And so the cub turned around and saw the girl. The girl had allways dreamed of a pony so she saw the bear and shouted PONY! And she rode him 2 the build a bear workshop and the worker lady mistaked him 4 a stuffed animal and so she took him 2 the stuffer and stuffed him way 2 much and he exploded!

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