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Default {BI Suggestions.BI Times.Life As a Bearville Insider Citizen}

A lot of you guys have been wondering why BI is inactive,maybe its because at some point people grow up.maybey its because its to embarrassing, or maybe its just to boring.
This thread will show all kinds of suggestion for this thread, and for a new forum for kids that are growing out of BI, it will also chose two people who give the best suggestion in the BI Times.

First.I really think BI should have partys,not those BI citizens one's,Seasonal ones were BI staff make a party every holiday/season where we can have meet and greet,dance party's,buffet and even dinner party's where you dress all fancy.
Second.I really think BI should treat this website like it is work {not saying they don't} but you've seen it, wendy,frey nor any of the owners come on anymore which they should be the first people to come on
Third. Like a earlier suggestions thread posted about "Mentors", We all have noticed that BI has had lots of new citizens get banned, why? because they got frustrated easily, people keep correcting them but don't tell them why they are correcting them so they have no idea what they did wrong.Thats why we should have Mentors, mentors show New BI citizens around.They let you know all the rules and what you did wrong if you get in trouble (:

1.Please do not be rude, don't talk off topic

Life as a BI citizen~
Life as a Bearville insider citizen can be tough.First you can't get enough of BI insider,Next,Your bored of come on very 2 weeks and when you do its for about 10 minutes. Why? Maybe because Theres nothing really exiting going on,Bear talk may just be to boring you'd rather be talking about Justin beiber,one direction and books.BI should create a new and improved website for children who grow out of bearville,they will have Mods on there and Admins who would go through a background check.The name would be less kid-ish and more pre-teenish , maybe names like this..."The Fashion world" or maybe even better.Just please BI make a new site.

Bearville Times~

Remember those times when you just couldn't get enough of bearable insider because there was so many exiting up-coming events? Remember when your friends always hosted partys? Remember when the staff members always posted fun and cool facts.Well now Bearville times is just to boring.Every month what do you always have? Nothing.Nada.Zip.Zero events happening. I really think BI should make more events as i said above, maybe open the trading teddy applications more often, maybe have other cool promotions other than sage bear, maybe before becoming a trading teddy become a Funky bear or any other cool names,The "Funky bear" will allow you to Talk about trading outside the trading den,the "Funky bear" will allow you to send Pm's, any more ideas about "the funky bear" promotion? post below

BI Newspaper~who will be featured in the Newpaper this up-coming week?
{No current news}

Form~I would love to be have a chance to be in this weeks BI Newspaper
BI Name:
Would you like to be Vm'ed if you got featured?:
Whats you suggestion? {list below}:

f you do not want to be featured, just let me know what you think, thank you (:

if really hope you guys like it, and please everyone, don't take this the wrong way it just suggestions..{staff please if this isnt allowed let me know and ill delete it..hope it doesn't offend anyone

~Live\.Love.Laugh.Dream <3
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