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Default Suggestions For BABV

So now that we have a special guest with us , Maxine I thought we should have a thread so Maxine could see all these brillant ideas we have and maybe talk to the game devlopers on how MAYBE to put it in game bc the BEST suggestions come from the people who play the game. Also please keep this thread CLEAN so it is easy for maxine to look thorugh please only post if you have a suggestions now I can NOT guarentee that Maxine will even see this thread or put it through to the game devlopers but it will be good to have this thread just in case.
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I am certain that the Build-A-Bear folks are interested in your ideas! Please remember to post the holiday ideas on the other thread too!
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I suggest a 'Copied Me/Someone' button for the 'Report User' feature. I can't report a person for coping me with the two options we have for reporting currently. Coping is a major problem, so it should have a button.
Old 08-03-2008, 04:39 AM
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I think this is crazy but it would be cool if BABV had a new place with a big mountain and we can reach the top by walking/hiking. And some hiking clothes for our character too! It would be nice to see the view LOL
Old 08-03-2008, 08:01 AM
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I think that it would be cool if there was a pool in babv that we could swim in or let us swim in the beach party room pool.
Old 08-03-2008, 08:14 AM
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I think that it would be really great if we could go trick or treating around babv during halloween!
Old 08-03-2008, 09:30 AM
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this is pretty silly and i am sure won't happen but i can wish can't i ? ok so i wish that on babv there would be different places around the world i mean on babv like there could be a air port and you could take planes to different states in babv and each one would be different, this probably won't happen but like i said i can wish can't i ?
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They should put a restaurant in babv.
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Default My ideas!

Well, I've got tons of suggestions for holidays. They are right here.

Well, here are all of my general ideas. I've edited it from the original list.
1. Trading bear clothes... you can trade all other Bear Boutique items so why not bear clothes?
2. More décor for outside your condo (Christmas lights, wreath, jack-o-lantern... even a welcome mat!)
3. A BABV mall! There could be new places to shop, an arcade where you can play games, and a food court.
4. Different wallpaper and carpet designs for inside your condo OR being able to use your furry friend's exclusive wallpaper downstairs in your condo
5. Being able to buy templates to create special bear-mails. For party rooms, you get 20 special invitations, so I was thinking it would be cool if you could buy virtual special Bear Mail. You could have Valentines, Christmas cards, greeting cards, Thank You cards... there could even be like a little Hallmark-type card store or even a cart in Town Square. (Pawmark? LOL.)
6. A swimming pool
7. A football stadium (my mom wants that)
8. A gym
9. Being able to go on top of buildings that have stuff on the rooftops (like the coffee shop, BABW store, and theater!)
10. Going inside the Theater
11. Making Bearemy's house the condo next to yours (I always wondered who lived there, LOL.)
12. A holiday store where you can buy furniture, clothes, accessories, and maybe even bear clothes for the current season/holiday. (They did this on Nicktropolis, and I thought it was a great idea.)
13. Making a bear clothes store where the clothes don't cost credits
14. Being able to buy new special rooms for your condo like a swimming pool (a competition pool and/or a recreation pool), a dance studio, a track, a tennis court, a ballroom... fun stuff for entertaining your friends
15. More formal wear available like fancy dresses and tuxedos (they could even have a formalwear shop.)
16. Emoticons for all the holidays... for Christmas/Hanukkah, you could click on Bearemy and choose between a Christmas emoticon, Hanukkah emoticon, or just a general winter emoticon.
17. Eyeglasses for your BABV character. Linda's poll showed that over half of us on the blog wear glasses, so it would be great for those of you who wear glasses on a regular basis. I noticed that you could buy glasses for your furry friend at Bear Boutique and in real life. Maybe they could make an eyeglasses store. That would be funny.
18. A cultural shop where we can buy clothes and furniture from around the world so that everyone is represented
19. A Build-a-Dino shop in BABV since the dinosaurs are represented.
20. A wider variety of clothes at the Pawlette Boutique. I'd love to see them add some boots. (I want leather boots AND Ugg-type boots. We just need a wider variety of footwear in general.) And we also need some more trendy bags. Maybe they could open up a "designer shop" for leather bags and stuff like that. (Unlikely, but it would be cute.)

If I come up with more ideas, I'll post them here.

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this is a suggestion for BAB i think they should have endangered species like tigers or pandas or polar bears or elephants and everytime someone buys they save an animal in real life. also they should have exotic animals like and Okapi.
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